When Should I Start Battling the Aging Process?

Most of us relish the wisdom that comes with age, but not the physical effects. As women, we have historically advanced through our looks. Now in the modern age, we use our brains more yet still want to have beauty in our back pocket. The inevitable question is when the best time to prevent aging is?

Dermatologists recommend preventative care in our twenties.  Most of us are living by ourselves and starting careers for the first time, which leads to intense stress. During this time, we are setting up habits that will carry us throughout adulthood. Lack of sleep equals more coffee, wanting to look glamorous over cocktails could mean dragging on a smoke or wearing not sunscreen on a regular basis to look tan and therefore appear relaxed.

Stay out of the sun, quit smoking and make regular sleep a habit. These three preventative actions alone will reduce the risk of aging more than 10xs the amount expected from our peers who tan, smoke and rely on caffeine to stay awake. Though we think it will never happen, there will come a day to pay for the carelessness of youth.

Fine lines begin popping up in our 30s. Many of us panic during this time and resort to anything the media tells us will work. This timeframe is where preventative measures in our twenties will come in handy. With that being said, there are many options available to combat aging. Plastic surgery is more readily available now than any other time in history. However, most of us are opting for non-surgical procedures.  My favorite weapon to combat aging is the non-surgical facelift.  This procedure battles the sins of my twenties and helps my skin cope with future challenges.

Women 40+ face the obstacle of deep wrinkles.  This advancing of the enemy is where the battle lines are drawn. There is no turning back. Measures must begin. Brickell Cosmetic Center & Spa offers dermal fillers, lasers and chemical peels to restore the appearance of youth.   Make an appointment today to restore your youth.


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