Landmarks on Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a jewel along the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. Historical landmarks complement the amazing nightlife and exclusive dining scene. A day in the famous Florida sunshine can include a trek to these timeless gems.

Art Deco Historic District

Art Deco was a response to the opening of King Tut’s tomb in 1923. Bold geometric shapes and an abundance of gold paid homage to ancient Egypt, and scores of hotels and residences sprung up in this ornate style. Every January, the Art Deco Festival celebrates the iconic designs and looks toward the future of architecture. Wear comfortable shoes and prepare to look up at all the grandeur.

Vizcaya Museum

John Deering built a luxurious residence that topped all others in South Florida between 1914-1922. It attracts more than 170,000 visitors each year and is a preferred location for private celebrations. The garden and home located on Biscayne Bay has been turned into a museum housing an international collection of art that curates 2,000 years of human imagination. Browse the collection and walk about the grounds enjoying the famous orchids.

Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower is part of Miami’s Hispanic culture. Built on the design of a Seville lighthouse, it was once the home of The Miami Daily News and Metropolis newspaper.  In 1962, it was ground zero for the biggest cultural shift the Magic City had ever experienced. Fidel Castro’s regime forced many to flee Cuba for a better life, traveling 90 miles in shark-infested waters. New citizens were processed, vetted, and received medical attention in a southern version of Ellis Island. Visit the museum on the first floor dedicated to the struggle for freedom the Cubans experienced.

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road stretches from Collins Avenue to Bay Road in Miami Beach. Paved in the 1920s, it was christened the 5th Avenue of the South. Following the 1960s national trend of pedestrian malls, cars are forbidden on Lincoln Road. The landmark is a study in great design paired with the hottest retailers. Sit outside at one of the fresh air bistros after a day of shopping and do some of the most exciting people watching in the world.


Art Deco has been chic starting in the 1920s and continues to be so, as seen in Miami’s celebrated district. John Deering’s Vizcaya home has been converted into a museum that incorporates natural elements and an exclusive art collection. The Freedom Tower is a cultural landmark of Miami’s welcoming nature, symbolizing hope. Lincoln Road is the 5th Avenue of the South and awaits your visit. Make a schedule and visit these historic landmarks to experience the Magic City’s timeless gems.

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