The Joys of Miami in the Summer

Summer in Miami is the time to get creative while exploring your cooling off options. Slather on sunscreen, pack a lunch, or scope out the menu at local digs to make the most of your daylight hours.

Biscayne National Park

Just a short drive from Miami Beach, Biscayne National Park is a gem in Miami. Book a snorkeling adventure or simply buy a snorkeling mask and venture into the waves. The salt water is so refreshing on a hot day that most will insist on staying wet until sundown. Make sure to wear sunblock and pack a picnic.

The Everglades

One of the world’s unique ecosystems is The Everglades, also called The River of Grass. Endangered birds soar overhead while lizards sun themselves out in the open.  An airboat ride gets you closer to the aquatic life underneath the rolling greens. Take pictures of the wide spectrum of wildlife, from birds to fierce reptiles.


Most visitors are surprised to find that Miami has a rural area. Leave behind the sand and iconic buildings of Miami Beach to experience Miami’s farms. Pop into the dozens of U-Pick spots to hand-select the finest summer fruits and vegetables, including strawberries and corn. Avoid the tractors and bring an appetite.

The Beach

Everyone wants to be on Miami Beach during the summer. The sunrise welcomes breezes that return after the near-daily afternoon shower. This respite allows visitors to change clothes and take a siesta after a filling lunch. Play in the waves knowing that the whole city wants to be where you are now.

Miami during the summer is an experience not to be missed. By staying on the Beach, you will have access to the delights of the city with options to venture outwards and explore other areas of the Magic City. Delight in all the city has to offer during the hot season.

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