A Miami Copywriter Explains SEO Keywords

The goal of SEO is not more traffic, but higher quality traffic. Keywords are what browsers type in when they know what they want to research. Each piece of information a business puts out should keep conversion goals in mind. Using popular, irrelevant keywords does not move your business forward. No one will happen upon your site expecting something that is not delivered but stay anyways because your website is pretty. Do not engage in false advertising. Your reputation may not survive.

Overview of keywords

Shorter keywords have higher volume but low conversion. They are like someone looking at croissants through a bakery shop window. A long tail keyword is someone coming inside and asking if the establishment serves warm pistachio croissants. These delights are not for everyone, but they may be exactly what your niche wants from you. Try to pepper your content with specific keywords to constantly renew trust and gain high-quality traffic.  

Short tail keyword: croissants

Long tail keywords: warm pistachio croissants near me 

Niches and long tails

A niche is a group of very particular interests that must be narrowly targeted to be successful. Long tail keywords have more words than short tails to specify what is desired. Potential consumers get more specific as they get closer to the point of purchase. This is where many get caught up in vanity metrics. Higher traffic does not always result in high-quality leads. A niche knows what it wants and it wants you to provide it. Once someone has done their research, they are more likely to buy. 

The truth about long tail keywords and niches 

Weaker or inferior products may never sell no matter how much exposure they are given with long tails. Niches inspire the existing market to branch out because small sales can lead up to big profits. Small discoveries can be made if the filters and recommendation platforms do their job, but not always. Breaking down a niche to reduce the ad spend does not always work. Long tails can create exposure for a product or service in demand.

Keywords in action

Broad match: the most basic use of a word and its plural: umbrella, umbrellas

Broad match examples: printed umbrellas, rain umbrella, vintage parasols and designer umbrellas

Phrase match: a broad match keyword with close variations, with extra words before or after

Phrase match examples: designer umbrellas 1980s, how to find designer umbrellas from the 1980s, how much are designer umbrellas from the 1980s worth, finding 1980s designer umbrella near me

Exact match is highly targeted and makes no room for additional words but does allow for misspellings. 

Example: designer umbrellas 1980s, designer umbrellas 1980s

SEO is not the same as free marketing. Take advantage of Google’s organic search to make sure your keywords are on point and stronger than your competition. Allow Siren to do this for you so you can spend more time selling. 

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