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How to Write Abandoned Cart Emails

Are you ready for Black Friday and beyond with abandoned cart emails that convert? Increase your ROI with the right copywriter.

An abandoned cart email is a follow-up email sent to someone who has added items to their cart and taken some of the steps leading to checkout but (for some reason) left the site without completing an order.

And that email is a nudge.

  1. Don’t Miss Out
  2. Your Items Are Waiting
  3. Act Now

Abandoned carts can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue each month. An abandoned cart email for Shopify, Etsy or another platform-based/targeted piece is simple to generate. At least 10 percent of abandoned carts can be recovered with the best abandoned cart email. 

An abandoned cart email is the most cost-effective way to regain your customer’s attention. The best abandoned cart email convinces your cooling lead to make their way to the checkout. 

Many consumers need that nudge to resume shopping. They may have been interrupted by their boss, kids or pet. Set up triggers for these targeted nudges to be sent. The first one should come around 20 minutes after the cart has been abandoned. 

The second should be a full 24 hours after their cart has gone cold. And the third one should be sent after three days. Why does timing matter? Customers need structured reminders of what they want to make the sale. 

You are not bothering them; you are reminding them that the possibility of a new life or an enhanced lifestyle awaits in their abandoned cart. 

Miami copywriter shares why carts are abandoned.
How can you decrease this number?

Nudge structure:

  1. Compelling subject line
  2. Action-based preview
  3. Convincing copy
  4. Bold CTA

Compelling subject lines for abandoned cart emails

Deliverability is a concern when sending emails. Your customer may not know they are missing out if you cannot even get your abandoned cart email into their inbox. Do not use the word free, earn or guarantee. Use alert, news and daily instead for greater deliverability. 


  • Savings Alert 
  • Fashionista Alert
  • Icon Alert
  • <Item Name> Alert


  • News on Your <Item/s>
  • Get News on Your <Item/s>
  • We Have Some News for You


  • Daily Deals for <Item/s>
  • Daily Alert for <Item/s>
  • Daily News on <Your Shop’s Name>

The only true rule of subject lines is to make each one count. That means don’t use clickbait to lure them in. This destroys your credibility, meaning a loss in sales. Nothing in the world is more frustrating to a customer than having their time and money wasted. 

To be effective in your abandoned cart email is to get your customer’s attention in the least amount of words possible. Think about what matters to them. It may be happier kids, saving time or money. 

Cater to their pain points without sounding spammy and use their name for an effective human element. 

Action-based previews

A preheader, Johnson Box or preview lets your customer know what the email is about without opening it – a sort of peephole to your intentions. If you already used the customer’s name in the subject line, try to be friendly by using personal pronouns. 

  • Your cart is waiting for you. 
  • Your <insert item name> is waiting for you. 
  • Your incredible deal on <insert item name> won’t last long. 

Some customers prefer statements and others are motivated to open an email based on a question. You can choose which works best for you. 

Your <insert item name> is waiting on you. Or Did you forget about <insert item name> in your cart? 

  • Ready for your <insert item name>? 
  • Want <insert item name> that gives you <insert benefit>? 
  • Do you really want to miss out on <insert item name>? 

Generate a summary of your offer and give customers an action to perform, besides opening the email. Make them want to open the email and complete their purchase. Action should be the priority. 

“[Previews] deliver a seven percent higher open rate, on average. With nearly half of all emails opened on a mobile device, and the average inbox swelling to more than 100+ emails per day, clever pre-headers are a great way to capture your audience’s attention.” 

Convincing copy

Customers don’t always have a ton of time to read your emails. You need to get their attention right away. The best copywriters use the AIDA formula when generating abandoned cart emails. 

A – attention

I – interest

D – desire

A – action

You can always play around with the formula to find out which sequence works best for you. 

Attention-grabbing opening sentences are easy. You can go the basic route and ask a question. Let’s say that you are dropshipping light-up dog balls for stick throwers called Lit Pup. 

  • Does your dog need help finding their ball? 
  • Is playtime Fido’s favorite? 
  • How can you make playtime even better this winter? 
  • Looking for ways to make playtime even better when it is dark outside? 

You are addressing the pet owner’s pain point of wanting to spend quality time with their dog when it grows so dark outside that finding the ball is a challenge for owners. Ask the question that has been on their mind or offer the solution right away. 

  • Playtime just got better with Lit Pup, which lets them see the ball even on the shortest day of the year. 
  • We just solved the problem of your dog not being able to have fun when chasing their ball in the dark. 
  • Fido wants to thank you for making playtime even better this winter. 

Fido would love a little help with finding their ball this winter. Darkness comes too early as we step into fall. If you have been working all day and your little nugget has been patiently waiting for their time at the park, our Lit Dog Balls make their favorite time with you all the better/BEST. With non-toxic neon coating and LED lights, Fido can find their ball even in pitch darkness. Give them the exercise they need so they don’t chew up everything while you are working. 


You have got your customer’s attention and now you have to engage them. Focus on their needs and expectations to keep them reading. This is a critical time in your email, so use a formula within a formula with the Rhetorical Triangle. 

Miami copywriter shares how to incorporate the Rhetorical Triangle into your abandoned cart email for greater conversion.
If it worked for the Greeks, it can work for your shop.

Logos – numbers and/or facts

Pathos – emotions

Ethos – credibility 

According to, for every 20 minutes you spend playing with your dog, their boredom rate decreases by 33 percent. 

According to, dogs who have enjoyable play sessions with their humans score higher in obedience attentiveness. 

According to, playing games with your dog decreases low-level separation-related behavior. 

Consumers want to trust you to come up with solutions to their problems. Gain trust with logic that appeals to their emotions. Use numbers and facts (logos) to build your credibility (ethos). Dogs naturally evoke emotions with canine aficionados. 

The trick is to pack the Rhetorical Triangle into a single sentence. 

  • 85 million homes have a dog. 
  • The average number of dollars spent on dog toys every year is 48

According to, there are more than 85 million dogs at home waiting/begging for their playtime and attention/love from their owners. 

Logos = 85 million 

Pathos = waiting/begging/attention/love

Ethos =

The average pet owner spends $48 on their pet every year, but if you invest in the $12 toy/ball they’ll love, you both win! 

Logos = $48 

Pathos = invest/love/win

Ethos =

Bold CTAs

Finish off your abandoned cart email with a call to act that fits in with the tone of your email. Remember that consumers are aware of false marketing tactics. Do not create a faux sense of urgency or push them to act if they are not ready. Here is your new strategy: Charm. Reinforce. Stand out. Sell the idea that they are the kind of person to buy your product. 

Promote the sense that you personally like the customer and want them to be a part of your brand by buying a product. Then, reinforce your brand values. Show that you are passionate about your products. Maybe they are sustainable or right off the catwalk. Perhaps your products are so unique, they aren’t available to the masses. Or, they are so high-quality, they will instantly improve anyone’s life. 

In a crowded inbox, you have to stand out with the right abandoned cart emails. Do this with something other than price. If you can’t think of a unique selling point without cutting cost, you need to re-evaluate your branding. Sometimes people are willing to spend more money for a quality product if they understand why it is so important. 

Examples of bold CTAs: 

See My Cart

Continue Shopping

Get It Now

Let’s Go 

Reclaim My Cart

Keep My Items

I Am Ready

Ready to Save 

Complete Order

Get the Details

Avoid the words buy or pay in your CTA. If your customer isn’t ready, these words will annoy them. Focus on getting them to the next step. 

There is so much that goes into your abandoned cart emails and optimizing your site for Black Friday and beyond. Call 786-208-0451 to set up a free consultation with Miami copywriter and SEO specialist Maureen Castellon. 

Miami Copywriter

How Do You Measure Your Return on Investment with a Copywriter?

A copywriter is a cheerleader, content/copy generator and a fellow human being. Of all these things, being a mind reader is rarely included. When you decide to hire a copywriter in any capacity, you must be clear what you want from them. 

Decide what you want your results to be. Here are a few examples of marketing goals you may want to set: 


Topping SERP can be a great goal with the right time frame. Much like physics, for every piece of SEO knowledge acquired, you realize how little you actually know. Black hat techniques get you the results you desire. They can also get you banned from Google. 

Slow and steady SEO with white hat tactics includes effective keyword research and conversational blog content. It takes time to gain approval from the crawlers and build up your backlinks. Don’t set up a goal that would require a hacker to achieve. 

A practical goal is to increase engagement and provide value via your blog content. While you don’t want to be on the second page of Google (supposedly where all the well-hidden bodies are) making the front page after a certain period might be attainable. 


Getting a client to open an email is a victory in itself. When they actually convert, it seems like a miracle no matter which industry you are in. I recently wrote an abandonment campaign that had the best conversion of any series in the history of the company. It took a bit of in-depth research to understand the needs of the audience and the secrets of higher deliverability. 

<Insert snip> 

My initial goal was to set a record and understand deliverability. I am happy to say it was achieved. 

Press releases

The main goal of a press release is to boost company visibility via traditional means. Small businesses need to consider implementing press releases to gain consumer mindshare. This can be done by understanding that these communications are part of a long-term strategy. 

Press releases are a great way to announce new products and services while demonstrating why clients need you. Opt for your new copywriter to generate at least one press release a month to gain and maintain visibility. 


Short. Personalized. Valuable. Getting a text at the right time with effective microcopy converts. Mobile marketing is essential to boost brand awareness, engagement and sales. This type of marketing usually requires an opt-in, so clients will want to know about flash sales and event-related promotions. 

You can offer Black Friday deals to maximize sales to a select group of clients. How mobile marketing differs from email marketing is in the results. An email must be deliverable and immediately stand out in a crowded inbox. 

Most texts are read within three minutes of being received and almost half of recipients respond. Use a copywriter to try out the hottest form of marketing to get results. Include SMS in every campaign strategy and track results. 

You may just find yourself preferring SMS over email once you start using them. 

Editorial calendars

A common mistake with social media is doing everything on the fly in the hopes of coming across as authentic. This hardly ever works. You need a copywriter to plan out your messages to the world. Have them research your target audience and give them the space to be creative. 

You can track results through engagement and conversions. 

Web content

Traffic is the easiest way to gauge web content results. A skilled copywriter optimizes any webpage. Measure your results through traffic first and engagement second. Just like on a social post, comments are seen as valuable by the crawlers. 

Landing pages

When you have a sale or a new product, a landing page is a must. The right copywriter optimizes it with the best keywords and makes it as conversational as possible. If it’s an e-commerce landing page or something related to sales, conversions are the best way to track your new copywriter’s results. 


A copywriter is not always an editor and vice versa. However, the best copywriters know enough about correct usage and syntax to know when something is off. Not having proper wording or punctuation makes your company look like a scam. 

The reason why the Prince of Nigeria emails are so awful is they are written poorly on purpose so only the most gullible believe them. People who understand proper English are much more discerning even if it is a deal that will supposedly change their life. 

If your budget allows, hire a copywriter and editor. If you can only hire a writer, give them enough turnaround time, at least the next day, so they can look at their copy with new eyes. 

How to find the right copywriter

Once you have enough steady work to welcome a copywriter to your team, the next, hardest step is finding the right one. 

There are plenty of people claiming to be copywriters. While every writer must start somewhere, you should hire someone with at least five years’ experience. 

What should I look for in a copywriter? 

• grit

• versatility

• personality

Just as a blind squirrel eventually scores a nut, a person can come up with a few good or great ideas in their lifetime. However, being able to do this every day for hours at a time requires the type of discipline that only comes with/from experience. 


If you decide to hire a rookie, make sure they have the grit to put in all the hours required and to take feedback well. The ability to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to what the client actually wants is immeasurable. 

Sometimes it’s hard to describe exactly what you want, especially when you don’t know copywriting standards yourself. Look for a copywriter who can effectively translate your needs into results-driven copy.

Writing six to eight hours a day is challenging when you don’t have enough experience. It can be challenging even when you do. Think of all the times you may have tried to write a social media post or attempted to crack the SEO crawler algorithm on top of all your other business responsibilities. Chances are, you gave up and looked for how to hire the right copywriter to handle everything. 

A rookie will most likely be Googling how to do things and find the correct lingo when generating your reports. Finding one is as easy as going to a job posting board or typing a hashtag into Instagram. 

Rookies usually charge no more than $15 an hour. Some are quite confident in their prices or try to ask for more once you are happy with their work. Set a fair price once you have reviewed their samples. 

When deciding to hire a rookie, understand that saving money may result in wasting time. 

When you go cheap, you run the risk of ruining your reputation and business. You may be able to find a novice copywriter who really will help your business. However, chances are they are still learning and may ghost you. 

You can measure your investment in the money you have saved with a rookie. However, keep in mind that they may not understand how to write for your target audience since they are so new. 


Every copywriter must learn to pivot. This ranges from finding their lucrative niche and learning the seemingly unending SEO and social media algorithm updates to being able to sell their services on the fly. 

Controversial opinion: A versatile copywriter should have experience in every niche. 

Many copywriters do not agree on this point. Some feel that specialization makes them experts in their chosen field. When someone feels confident enough in their skills to call themselves an expert, they have stagnated. 

Copywriting is a tough business, so niching is safe. This sense of security makes for duller writing and a hesitation to be wrong, but you have to be wrong a few times in order to be right. 

The industries I have written for include:


real estate




home décor








I have done: 



press releases


editorial calendars

web content

landing pages


Chances are that you need someone who is comfortable with print and digital. Most writers will not have extensive experience in any industry but can learn enough through writing for a client. How much experience is not always as relevant as how much a business owner is willing to sit down and explain. 

Ask yourself how much time you are willing to invest in a rookie. 


One of the biggest lessons I learned when I first started working with other copywriters is that you can either have the talent or the temperament. Rarely can a writer have both. An experienced writer understands that hardly anything is personal. Another writer may have a fit if they have received too much feedback. 

Make sure to have at least one phone conversation with whomever you hire. Try not to ask too many personal questions. Deadly global virus notwithstanding, most copywriters want to stay in their homes as much as possible.

As a business owner, establish a support system that allows you to focus on client relationships and cash flow. Having the right copywriter saves you time and money. Use the goals above to track the results you seek with an experienced copywriter that is perfect for your needs and business. 

When you are ready for the right copywriter, contact me at 786-208-0451 for a quick consult to see how we can work together and get you the results your business deserves. 

Become an Expert in Six Weeks

A person who is an industry expert has a distinct business advantage. They command six-figure speaking fees, get invited on news shows to share their opinions on current events/trending topics, and are featured in international publications. This could/should be you.  

You may have reached the point in your career where you want to be considered an expert/the next step up is being considered an expert. Rising through the ranks and being the go-to source for career advice among your colleagues or employees is no longer enough. Sure, you can join professional associations, get another degree or write articles, but it may take quite a while/to cement your new status via these avenues. The world needs to know of your expertise as soon as possible. 

Start or be a part of/voice in the conversation by detailing/giving what people in your industry need to know to succeed. Teach others how to lead or contribute through the lessons you have learned. 

Start by visiting I am an experienced ghostwriter who has helped many executives and business owners establish themselves as experts in their fields. Let’s discuss what you would like to share. If you already have a manuscript or an outline, we can discuss themes and organize the material into chapters. If you have not written anything, I can interview you on topics to be covered in your book and begin writing. Once completed, we begin the marketing process. 

Communicate your expertise with a business book today. Call 786-208-0451 to begin the process. 

How to Stay on Top of Your Business with Relevant Content

Every marketer tries to sell you on the value of evergreen content. They tell you it will make your website a destination for your industry and save you money. This is not true. I recently listened to the audiobook of Dan S. Kennedy’s The Ultimate Sales Letter. The legendary advertiser kept mentioning how his content was evergreen. All the talk of fax machines, postcards and landlines drowned out the relevant content. Had the editors trimmed those bits and added a few chapters about email or texting, the book would have been relevant. Kennedy’s marketing concepts will always be universal; however, the presentation needs to be changed to keep interest. Without refreshed or new content, Google will consider your website dead, effectively killing your ranking. 

Destination copy

Most business owners do not have the time to sit down and write content every week. They may have done so when launching their website, thinking their content was evergreen enough to garner continued interest. Another challenge is many are exceptional at their jobs but do not know how to communicate their expertise through their blogs or online presences. How can you make your website a destination? By generating content that is relevant. Google’s website crawlers are always looking for new content and rewarding those sites with higher rankings. 


Search engine optimization is complicated. Search engines are primed to provide a list of solutions for users through web crawlers that scour the internet for keywords, keyword phrases and relevancy. You need to evaluate your website to determine your most popular posts/pages, products and services, yielding top keywords. This will allow you to generate topics for high-quality content that will spark engagement and address pain points/interests to align with your audience’s goals. Set yourself up as an expert with first-person details and plenty of fresh statistics, studies, information, and research, which will provide an opportunity for other websites to link to yours.


Content communicates your expertise to the masses. Demonstrate your relevance through frequently updated content. What is the best way to get inspired/write besides knowing your keywords? Take a few moments to research your industry’s trending topics, especially now. Right before the new year, every industry does a recap of lessons learned and how to set the right goals for January’s fresh start. Keeping an eye out for what your peers and competitors are talking about will allow you to offer the same content but with a branded spin. 

Most business owners don’t have the time needed to stay relevant to Google’s web crawlers. Hire Siren Publications to generate all your content to reach the top of search engine results pages organically. 

Miami Copywriter Explains Brand Traffic

Miami Copywriter Explains Brand Traffic

Brand traffic is crucial to building a platform —and names matter. When choosing the name for your company, most likely, you had to go through a few options before you hit the mark. Hopefully, you also scanned the web beforehand to make sure there was not a similarly christened company offering something unappealing or just in general. 

People will use a brand continuously if it has a positive association attached to it. Think of some of the products that have significant meaning for you. Do you use a certain shampoo because it smells like the one you used at summer camp, or do you always buy specific grocery brands because your grandmother had them in her pantry? Perhaps you haven’t thought about why you buy certain things. Maybe the brand you chose was the cheapest on the shelf. Clients always buy for a reason. The goal is to have brand advocates. 

Blogs and Instagram presences are built around people who want to share their experiences. If you watch how the big companies spend their marketing dollars as a true judge of good practices, you will find that they invest heavily in the web and unofficial spokespeople. The Rambling Redhead is a popular mommy blogger who has a strong Instagram presence. The majority of her content centers on trying on clothing from specific companies. She is advertising under the guise of helping her niche by sharing promo codes and giving reviews that address her target audience’s pain points, such as looking put together in the drop-off line. 

In addition to a strong social media presence, ranking at or near the top of a search engine results page is an excellent brand-building strategy. When it comes to the long-term use of your marketing budget, there is no better place than search engines. One compelling reason for this is the permanent footprint of all work on websites, press releases and social media, especially ones created by this Miami copywriter who has a wealth of experience from multiple industries. Not only will that digital file be there for people to find, but over time it will gain trust with the search engines. 

Websites, like storefronts, are there as long as the business resides in that space. Just having a website without any digital marketing work done can still benefit your business. In a healthy campaign, half of all web traffic is brand traffic.  

Pages created on your site are indexed and stored on the servers of search engines forever.  Web crawlers will promote your pages if they follow Google’s Hummingbird guidelines set at the beginning of 2019.

Once you have clients, make strides in earning their brand loyalty. Part of marketing is cultivating new clients while retaining old ones. A lifelong customer speaks highly of the brand. Potential clients usually have a few impressions of you before considering a purchase. If they see positive reviews online, see your high ranking in search engines and follow your feeds, they may convert to buyers.

If you are in South Florida or beyond, trust this Miami copywriter to generate high-quality content and SEO copy that gets results. Call 786-208-0451 so we can create a strategy that is perfect for your business.

Miami Copywriter Explains Brand Value

Make Marketing and Brand Value Count with the Miami Copywriter

Deciding where your marketing dollars should go is a no-brainer in 2019. A few years ago, internet marketing was not considered as effective as radio and television. Things have changed. Podcast sponsorships compete with radio ads.  Television can be streamed from smartphones via subscriptions with options to skip ads. Social media remains largely free and cost-effective.

The best way to market your business is to sell yourself. Refraining from a social media presence and internet marketing is marketing suicide. A business should be posting at least once a day and engaging with followers. Your name is your brand. Have you ever googled your name? If you haven’t, try it now. You may come across a few unflattering pictures or mentions you were not even aware of. Some random people on LinkedIn may even claim to work for your company. You shape the perception of your brand through your presentation. If a business positively engages its client base and everyone can see it, they achieve a stellar reputation for service, resulting in brand value.

Business executive Seth Godin wrote, “A brand’s value is merely the sum total of how much extra people will pay, or how often they choose the expectations, memories, stories and relationships of one brand over the alternatives.”

You do not want to be one of many when it comes to a client deciding which product to select. In most cases, a client will go with the most affordable option if they perceive every factor to be equal. Focus on differentiating yourself. One way to do this is by hiring this Miami copywriter to write your website content, social media captions and optimized blog articles.

Think of a restaurant that has been around for decades. What makes it valuable? Is it the ambiance, the chef, specific dishes or the location? Clients seek a business for the value it brings to their lives – simple supply and demand. In Miami, Chef Adrianne’s eponymous restaurant offers a delicious French onion soup only on Tuesdays. Many people – including a certain Miami copywriter – who never think of any type of soup may set an alarm to get a bowl before the restaurant runs out of its limited supply because of this increased demand. Customers may not have heard of the restaurant or soup without the power of internet marketing. 

A business must set a standard with its unique stamp. What’s yours? Consider what sets your business apart from your competitors. Lower price is a default value, which in the end may cost you because the cheapest option is not always seen as the best one, thus dropping demand.

Take a moment to consider what makes your business a rare find. Need a little help? Call Siren. We can brainstorm how to get your value across to clients with high-quality, optimized content. 

A Miami Copywriter Explains SEO Content

SEO is not free marketing. Quite a bit goes into strategizing and delivering. Content is essential when it comes to getting results. The truth is that organic search is the better option than pay-per-click ads when it comes to getting noticed. Searchers are more likely to click on a site that addresses their needs than a site that’s paying to be at the top of the search engine results page. However, this takes quite a bit of work. The reason corporations top SERPs is because they have fresh content every day. They employ writers to generate keyword-rich articles that target their niches. Hire this Miami copywriter to make your content stand out from the competition.

Don’t despair! It may seem daunting to come up with niche topics and write long-form articles about each one. I am a Miami copywriter who is ready to take your business to the next level with writing that incorporates your keywords and addresses pain points to get the conversation started. This is what the process will look like if you decide to stand apart from your competition with Siren.

Strategy session

Call 786-208-0451 to schedule an appointment. We will briefly discuss your goals, review your website for intent, check out the best keywords for your business, consider the patterns of your niches, and come up with a schedule for deliverables during your appointment.


Siren will write 500-word articles for your blog on a daily or weekly schedule. These will include your keywords and showcase all the features and benefits of your business. Additionally, keywords and trends will be monitored to ensure your ranking.


SEO is not a magic feather. A few simple articles will not be enough to get you to the top of the search results page. It is, however, the best way to grow and connect with your niche. The best time to have started SEO was five years ago; the second best time is now.  

Let’s enhance your current strategy or give you a fresh start. Work with one of the top SEO copywriters in Miami and beyond. Contact Siren to begin today.  

A Miami Copywriter Explains SEO Keywords

The goal of SEO is not more traffic, but higher quality traffic. Keywords are what browsers type in when they know what they want to research. Each piece of information a business puts out should keep conversion goals in mind. Using popular, irrelevant keywords does not move your business forward. No one will happen upon your site expecting something that is not delivered but stay anyways because your website is pretty. Do not engage in false advertising. Your reputation may not survive.

Overview of keywords

Shorter keywords have higher volume but low conversion. They are like someone looking at croissants through a bakery shop window. A long tail keyword is someone coming inside and asking if the establishment serves warm pistachio croissants. These delights are not for everyone, but they may be exactly what your niche wants from you. Try to pepper your content with specific keywords to constantly renew trust and gain high-quality traffic.  

Short tail keyword: croissants

Long tail keywords: warm pistachio croissants near me 

Niches and long tails

A niche is a group of very particular interests that must be narrowly targeted to be successful. Long tail keywords have more words than short tails to specify what is desired. Potential consumers get more specific as they get closer to the point of purchase. This is where many get caught up in vanity metrics. Higher traffic does not always result in high-quality leads. A niche knows what it wants and it wants you to provide it. Once someone has done their research, they are more likely to buy. 

The truth about long tail keywords and niches 

Weaker or inferior products may never sell no matter how much exposure they are given with long tails. Niches inspire the existing market to branch out because small sales can lead up to big profits. Small discoveries can be made if the filters and recommendation platforms do their job, but not always. Breaking down a niche to reduce the ad spend does not always work. Long tails can create exposure for a product or service in demand.

Keywords in action

Broad match: the most basic use of a word and its plural: umbrella, umbrellas

Broad match examples: printed umbrellas, rain umbrella, vintage parasols and designer umbrellas

Phrase match: a broad match keyword with close variations, with extra words before or after

Phrase match examples: designer umbrellas 1980s, how to find designer umbrellas from the 1980s, how much are designer umbrellas from the 1980s worth, finding 1980s designer umbrella near me

Exact match is highly targeted and makes no room for additional words but does allow for misspellings. 

Example: designer umbrellas 1980s, designer umbrellas 1980s

SEO is not the same as free marketing. Take advantage of Google’s organic search to make sure your keywords are on point and stronger than your competition. Allow Siren to do this for you so you can spend more time selling. 

A Miami Copywriter Explains Search Intent

Keywords are essential to your 2019 SEO strategy. It used to be that a marketer would do a little research and then present a business owner with a list of phrases to be included in their content. Search intent is now the focus. As a Miami copywriter, I can assure you that search intent is a powerful concept that should be considered when generating copy.

Search intent

Google now wants keywords to be as conversational as possible: phrases that people use when speaking with others – or with Siri, Alexa or another assistant. Informational intent is when someone wants the answer to a question. For example, “Where do people buy beetroot lattes?” or “When is the best time to scuba dive in Miami?”/“When are home sales lower?” or “What’s the best way to improve my curb appeal to sell my home?” Navigational intent is used to get to a specific website, such as This type of search intent is only valuable if you are the destination site. Transactional intent is when someone is ready to buy and is searching for the best deal. Similar to transactional intent, commercial investigation is when searchers need a bit more time and convincing before making a purchase. 

Making search intent work for you

A website must reflect the needs of warm leads. Have articles front and center for those searching with informational intent. If a visitor is searching with transactional intent, have products and services on display as soon as they land on your page. Make sure they have direct access to your shop. You cannot do anything for navigational searchers unless you are the specific website they want. Have some fun with commercial investigators by creating graphics with price and feature comparisons.  

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A Miami Copywriter Explains Anchor Text

Highlighting a page with anchor text is one way to attract attention with quality in-bound or outbound links. You can write an article that references another article on your website, or an outside source can highlight a link to your website from theirs. Start by figuring out the best SEO keywords and group them. For example, go big with ‘real estate agent’/’Realtor’ and break it down using a modifier, such as ‘Miami real estate agent’ or ‘Miami Realtor’. Go further with ‘Miami real estate agent Victorian houses’ or ‘Miami Realtor single-family home’. The key is to understand what your target audience would type into the Google search bar and use that as a foundation for your keywords.  Understanding anchor text is easier than you think.

Understanding link building strategies 

Links between different pages on your site matter. Anchor text is the clickable, usually blue text of a link inserted into an article. It is easy to find and is used to attract users and web crawlers. The actual text matters as a ranking element. The href attribute contains two components: the URL, which is the actual link, and the clickable text that appears on the page.  

Types of anchor text

Exact match – uses exact keywords such as ‘luxury homes’ or ‘affordable homes’

Partial match – uses a variation of the keywords, like ‘designer luxury homes’ or ‘affordable homes for sale’

Branded – only the brand acts as an anchor, for example ‘Siren Publications’ 

Image – linking an image, where the clickable hyperlink is the image itself

Naked URL – uses a straight URL, such as ‘’

Generic – uses a basic, unrelated phrase as the anchor, including ‘click here’ or ‘learn more’ 


 Back in the old days, a link that was supposed to be about luxury homes would take the user to a site about cheap shoes. When Google realized keywords were being used in an abusive way, the Penguin update was formulated, using anchor text to create additional context. The best way to go about anchor text is to use partial matches. Maximize anchor text opportunities by using concise and descriptive text. Format links so they are easy to spot and consider the best context for internal and external links. As of now, guest blogging is the best way to secure authenticity for your links without stuffing the hyperlink with keywords.

By understanding anchor text, Siren can ghostwrite your articles to build your credibility.