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Bardo Meditation App

You go to the gym, so why can’t your brain? Bardo Meditation App is designed to get you into a state of release and/to build cerebral muscles/tone its capabilities/build noggin muscles. Between busy work and personal lives, alongside the ready distraction of smartphones, the modern mind is overwhelmed with the idea that you only need to have the right thoughts and do the right actions to be successful. Bardo offers the mind a chance to unwind and play /retrain with courses in mindfulness, standalone sessions, bedtime stories and relaxation sounds. Our engineers can frequently be found in a state of bliss or sound asleep!

Welcome email

Welcome, {Name}, 

Congratulations for being open to making peace with and building the muscles of your mind with Bardo Meditation App. Get ready to experience smoother days and restful nights – and maybe even a few naps and breaks in between – with our curated experiences and training sessions. 

To start seeing results, confirm your email and watch this 30-second video on how we can help you lead your best life. Then take a short personality quiz to generate a few suggestions to get you started on your inner journey. 

Button should have a cheeky Buddha/monk giving a thumbs up as a mudra, a Zen dog reclining or a lotus in rainbow colors. 

Get started now

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You’ve started a seven-day trial. Upgrade to a paying account or cancel at any time.

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We are always available to help you. If you have questions or need support, feel free to email our mind coaches/customer service team, or click here to live chat during business hours.

Let the inward journey begin…

Start building those mind/brain muscles…

Password Reset

Hi, {Name}, 

Forgot your password? These things happen; let’s get a new one over to you. Use the button below within the next two hours to reset your password. 

Reset your password

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Deep breath … we received a request from from an iOS device using Safari to reset your password for Bardo Meditation App. We were unable to find an account associated with this address.

 If you did not request a password reset, please ignore this email. Contact support if you have questions.


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Receipt Email

Hi, {Name}, 

Thank you for using Bardo Meditation App.  This email is the receipt for your purchase. 

This purchase will appear as “Bardo Meditation App” on your credit card statement for your Visa credit card ending in 1994.

Need to update your payment information or have questions about this receipt? Reply to this email or reach out to the Bardo Support Team for help.

Here’s to smoother days and more restful nights.

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Invoice email

Subject Line: Bardo Meditation App Order Receipt

Giving Back to the World One Session/Breath/Experience at a Time

Your August 2019 Bardo Meditation App Receipt for $19.99 

Hi, {Name},

Thank you for using Bardo Meditation App and making the world a better place with your dedication to well-being. This is an invoice for your recent purchase.

Amount Due: $19.99

Due By: {due_date}

Pay invoice



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Description Amount
Bardo Meditation App $19.99
Total $19.99

If you have any questions about this invoice, reply to this email or reach out to our support team for help. Thank you for choosing Bardo Meditation App and making the world a better place through your well-being. 

View your receipt online


The Bardo Team

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Bardo Customer Support

P.S. Have you checked out our five new bedtime stories? Listen to any of them and have a more restful night for a smoother day/tomorrow. 

Error Message

Image: Gobsmacked Buddha or monk

Time to practice your inner peace: we have hit a snag…

Deep breath, we have hit a snag

The obstacles are the course. We are having trouble with your request… 

Pop up

When they log into the home screen, they will see:

Did you know we have new bedtime stories for you to check out? Get snoozing with these tales where putting you to sleep is the goal. 

The sheep you used to count are looking for a new job. Check out our new bedtime stories. 

User guide

Thank you for taking the time to make the world a better place through your well-being. 

To begin, open the app on your desktop or mobile device. The home screen always displays your current session. Right below, you will find the daily meditation that happens every hour on the hour and gives you the chance to retrain your brain with the Bardo Meditation App community. You can also review your recently played exercises/sessions/experiences and explore new experiences in the library tab, sorted by topic, such as working with anxiety, stress and relationships. 

Beginners can get started with a 10-day class on the basics of meditation, while those with more experience can take our 20-day course on achieving a state of release effortlessly in everyday situations. Or, you can search based on your current mood. The journey is yours to create!

Our users can start any time of the day or night with the addition of Sleep by Bardo Meditation App. Unwind from a busy day with bedtime stories or sleep sounds. Each night, you can experience a new bedtime story with subtly different additions/details/variations that will transform your nighttime routine. There is even a special section for kids and pets to relax before their big days. 

Your profile page tracks your progress. All you have to do to is press play to begin retraining your mind to experience peace and well-being on a daily or nightly basis. 

See you in Bardo, 

The Bardo Team

The Bardo Training Team

Bardo Coaches

Bardo Customer Support

Understand SEO with Siren Publications

A Miami Copywriter Explains How to Leverage SEO for Your Website

A search engine is ready to provide a list of solutions with computer systems designed to scour the internet, and store and categorize information based on keywords, keyword phrases and relevancy. Google has rules based on what it believes users want. Keywords and keyword phrases determine what appears on the SERP, the search engine results page. Google’s Andrey Lipattsev, a search quality senior strategist, revealed that the top three ranking factors are links pointing to your site, high-quality content and RankBrain. Turn these guidelines into strategies for your business or real estate listings.


Links pointing to your site are essential, with earned links getting preference over paid ones. Google thinks that more citations equal legitimacy, which signals relevance to web crawlers and drives referral traffic. The process of earning links is time consuming, especially from reputable sources such as The New York Times, but an earned link of that caliber would skyrocket your business to the top of the SERP. Make sure your content is compelling by hiring Siren ask industry influencers to give you a shout out on their websites. 

High-quality content 

The goal of content is to be read, shared and valued. Research content that addresses the pain points of your niche, why these are pain points and which keywords your clients are using to find answers. Generate topics based on the most used keywords and what your audience wants to know. Focus on readability to top SERPs because dwell time, the amount of time a reader stays on your page, signals relevancy to Google. 

Siren focuses on clarity, organization, thought flow and simplicity. The trend for 2019 is to go in-depth with a topic. Choose relevant ones that have many layers and can be stretched into at least 12 articles with multiple citations. Set yourself up as an expert with first-person details and plenty of fresh statistics, studies, information, and research, which will provide an opportunity for other websites to link to yours. Siren is available to do all ghostwriting so you can spend more time selling. 


As a component of Google’s core algorithm, RankBrain uses the ability of machines to teach themselves from data inputs. This is known as machine learning. RankBrain provides a filter that takes into consideration the searcher’s location and word choice to determine their true intent for more relevant results. The algorithm then calculates and teaches itself over time to read and match a variety of signals.  Calculations are used to order search engine rankings. Make sure to have backlinks and content to rank. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and how they are ranking to set a plan. 

Contact Siren today to start topping search engine results pages with high-quality, optimized content. 

A Miami Copywriter Explains How to Set Marketing Goals with Big Data

Every cent that goes into marketing is an investment. Even the worst of times can provide ample opportunity for creativity. Proctor and Gamble thrived in the 1920s and 30s using clever marketing for Ivory Soap. How else could someone become a master carver, but to practice on multiple bars of soap? The company had an annual soap carving competition that attracted crowds eager to see who would win the prize money and to get a break from the doom of every headline. 


There is an opportunity in every market and in every time. However, you will not find high ROI if you do not invest marketing funds where they will deliver the most return. Set a structured budget yet be flexible in fund allocation. Shifts in market environments and growth potential among brands or geographies are ignored at your peril. 


Big data marketing is now an exact science. Marketers can understand consumer buying responses in both small and large markets, which enables markets to adjust spend across the variety of channels available from television to Twitter. Examine actual sales over a designated time period, as well as the intensity of consumer activity changes from week to week. Three months is the average length of consumer memory. So, the question is whether to focus on short- or long-term efforts. 

Approaches and techniques

Social media influences consumer brand choice. All products can take advantage of this phenomenon, even the common ones such as soap. Producers/companies have the goal to better target through big data. Traditional avenues are also valuable. All avenues work on some level and should be used. Analytics give a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t, but they cannot solve everything. Big data provides different approaches and techniques to deliver insights   which can be used as fodder for action. But no matter how much intelligence is gathered, action must be taken. 


A customer, either loyal or potential, is valuable. Your product or service provides a solution to their problem (pain points), but you must know the customer enough to personalize your offer. Customization may yield a 10 percent increase in sales. These insights into potential clients are not as easy to find, but they can be effective. What are some ways to personalize? Well, what have they purchased historically? What do they look on their phone for? Are there records of loyal customers’ returns or calls of complaint? Once you have a grasp on these potential customers and their data, set up marketing goals. 


The various channels of engagement must be considered, evaluated and consistent, even after payment is rendered. Big data is not a magic feather: it does not hold out well in the long-term but it does help identify weak factors in the client management cycle. Big data is crucial for segmentation and testing out micromarkets. It also helps decipher which times are optimal for engagement. Insights help you not to waste efforts. Everything counts. 

Seek out opportunities with Siren to extend your reach.

Realtor Freebie: Down Payments 101

Clients have a lot of questions about down payments. Share this article with them to provide answers.

The American Dream centers on homeownership. Purchasing a home is a process that can be daunting for many, however, it can be made easier with these insights. Let’s explore the ins and outs of down payments to make your vision of home a reality.  

Down payments

Down payments are required by lenders to deter loan defaults. Different types of loans require a different percentage paid up front.  United States Department of Agriculture and Veteran Affairs loans do not require down payments.  A Federal Housing Association loan requires 3.5 percent down, 203k loans need 3.5 percent and HomeReady™ loans necessitate 3 percent down. On the higher end, conventional loans need between five and 20 percent, with jumbo loans requiring upwards of 20 percent. Down payments can come from your savings, gifts or personal loans. 

Credit scores 

FHA loans are today’s most popular option thanks to their low requirements. Your credit score also factors in with lenders.  As little as 100 points in either direction could cost or save you money. Low credit scores translate into paying more over the course of a mortgage. Lenders want to see a solid financial history and if they don’t, they want to ensure you will be invested in the home. Those with scores below 580 may qualify with a 10 percent down payment. Scores of 580 or above will qualify for an FHA loan with a 3.5 percent down payment. 

Mortgage insurance

A higher down payment of at least 20 percent offers the benefit of avoiding mortgage insurance. With the exception of VA loans, private mortgage insurance (PMI) is required for down payments of less than 20 percent of the home’s value. PMI fees vary from loan to loan. Fees can be removed once the loan balance drops below 78 percent of the appraised value.

Other considerations

A larger down payment minimizes borrowing, averages less in total interest costs, offers lower monthly payments, enhances future borrowing power. On the other hand, smaller down payments do not require as much time to save, and they leave reserves for home improvement, retirement and emergencies. It’s up to you to decide if a larger or smaller down payment is right for you. 

As your real estate agent, I am always available to speak with you regarding your dream home. What questions can I answer about down payments for you today? <Insert contact information> 

A Miami Copywriter Explains Why SEO Hype is Real

The web is the best place to measure your marketing ROI. Traffic coming to your website can answer the following questions: How long were visitors there? What did they do when they got to the site? Where were they located? Anything and everything you ever wondered about the effectiveness of your campaigns can be answered using the right metric. 


This type of tracking is not available anywhere else in the marketing world. You can measure down to the penny how much your web presence earns your business. Once you know your number, it becomes easier to make the decision to invest in internet marketing. Setting up basic tracking is simple; advanced tracking requires some customization to determine how much you are getting back on your investment.


Analytics are nothing new. Airline flights are cheaper on a Tuesday than on a Saturday morning. Why? The demand is lower during the week. As the weekend comes, airlines jack up their prices just enough to see if their competitors balk. The prices roll back on lower traffic days. Data is the driving force that helps airlines know if they are pricing too high or low for their preferred customers. Business owners can now know which days are the most popular for posting, when their products sell the most and when services are highly requested. 


Data gives you a clearer view of what is going on with your customers and/or operations. Algorithms use that data to predict or optimize your website numbers, but the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Changes based on data do not have to be overwhelming. They can include things such as keyword selection and targeting. If you have 17 things in mind, it’s likely that three of them can be changed without total upheaval. 


Don’t go it alone, make sure you have the proper support before implementing changes. Your employees should be versed in reading analytics and data in some capacity. Learn enough to break into micromarkets and customize sale pitches. Be brave and act on the data you collect. The information is there. Learn to decode it and use it to your company’s benefit.  

Hire Siren for your content needs. Let’s put the odds in your favor – email or text to get started today. 

A Miami Copywriter Explains the Value of Knowing Where You Are with SEO

It is estimated that 75 percent of web experiences start with a question. Those answers that are presented in a list after we type a few keywords into a search engine allow us to choose which ones we like best. If a potential lead types in keywords that are directly related to your business, where will you rank in the Google search results? You want to be at the top of the page because the first five listings receive 67 percent of all clicks. This is where search engine optimization comes in with valuable exposure. 

The SEO process

Realize the promise and opportunity of SEO by understanding it is a process that goes beyond a few shortcuts and tweaks. It includes linking, coding and knowing the right keywords. SEO solutions can be divided into on-page and off-page elements. On-page aspects include code design, internal links, platform, page titles and header tags. Off-page elements include development, targeting, keyword authority and identifying related link networks. 

SEO is a must for these top five reasons: 

  1. Your reach must increase

With the right optimization, a small business in Hawkins, Indiana, can take advantage of SEO and go international.  

  1. Credibility equals money

Get into the black with a higher ranking that clients will trust. 

  1. Branding and visibility matter 

Sophisticated buyers don’t just click and buy. 

  1. Harness your ROI 

Using SEO as an in-bound strategy is dynamic and by staying updated, the rewards will exceed traditional marketing methods/tactics. 

  1. Understand customer behavior

Online behavior analytics can provide feedback to help you make business decisions. 

Siren creates website copy that will put you at the top of any page! Email or text to get started today. 

A Miami Copywriter Explains Why Well-Written Listings Matter

Well-written listings are a valuable marketing resource. Not only are you describing the features and story of a home, but you are also giving potential buyers a glimpse of you. That’s right – you.  A well-written listing shows that you are meticulous in your approach to success, both yours and the clients.

Luxury buyers and sellers are accustomed to having the highest quality in life. Many have attended fine educational institutions/top schools and expect someone who is articulate on the page and in person.

Pictures and videos are supposed to be worth a thousand words, but this is not altogether true. Every written word counts toward your reputation and success. You need to give attention to every facet of your business; every detail matters. Thousands of listings appear each week from every part of the country. Just browsing the MLS and other online listing resources demonstrate that care is not always taken when writing.

Photos should be inspiring and video tours and slide share presentations should be on the same level or surpassing other agents, but relying on photos and videos is lazy. Listings should be compelling. Agents must focus on all three elements to make their marketing efforts worthwhile. Storytelling highlights the best features of a home.

Space is limited in most MLS description sections and agents waste it by being repetitive. Plenty of information is already given in pre-determined checkboxes, so repeating the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is unnecessary. This valuable space should be used for compelling copy that has elements of emotion and urgency.

Outside of MLS description sections, ads need to draw the reader in and start to convert them to buyers. Saving time and energy by relying on images or videos will not make you a top agent. Pictures will capture  attention, but a well-written listing cements interest.

Give yourself the competitive advantage by using Siren to make every word of your listings count toward your success.

A Miami Copywriter Explains How to Show Off Your Writing Skills

Every agent should understand how to write a listing that sells.

Your listings should be detailed and grab the reader’s attention. The goal is to use a listing as an icebreaker. Avoid sounding like a police reporter by listing technical details and get creative instead.

Creativity is one of those talents that some are blessed with. Being a good writer, however, is a skill you can hone with practice. Start by learning what works and what doesn’t for your target market.  Experiment with words and pay attention to what gains traction. Creativity is what helps you stand out.

Which qualities sell?

Real estate is a highly competitive industry. Every listing should stand out as much as possible. If you’re competing with homes in a neighborhood that have two-car garages, emphasize that your listing has space for three. Open floor plans remain popular, as do homes that have office spaces or pools/outdoor entertaining areas. Cul-de-sac placements, unique energy saving features, and expansion potential should also be highlighted.

Are there exceptional brands?

Kitchens are the heart of the home. More often than not, guests and loved ones gather here rather than the living room or patio. Quality brands make a kitchen luxurious and show off the status of the homeowner. Detail how this beloved space is a chef’s or gourmet kitchen. Don’t go overboard listing all the brands, but a few should be emphasized. Sub-Zero refrigerators, Wolf ovens, and Viking stoves are always crowd pleasers. These names embody quality and are hot-ticket items. Heating systems can also be named; Buderus and Viessmann are top European boilers.

How is the neighborhood?

Location is almost everything in real estate. The house should not be the only focus, as homes go beyond their structures. Neighborhoods have personality and school districts are ranked. Give a brief tour of the neighborhood in about five words. Being in the feeder pattern of an A+ school may be the top selling point. Proximity to museums or five-star restaurants may also be the rock stars of your listing.

Feeling overwhelmed? Save time and energy with Siren. Generate listings that will be your top marketing tool.

A Miami Copywriter Explains Which Words to Avoid When Generating Real Estate Listings

Every word counts in a real estate listing and the wrong ones are strikes against you. Whether the words are overused to the point of cringe or just confusing, a potential lead may be turned off by your language. They may think that since you are not imaginative/creative with something as powerful as a listing, you won’t come up with innovative ways to market or negotiate, either. Prove them wrong by avoiding the following terms.

Welcome home

Can you feel the cringe coming on? Allow clients to form their own opinions about a property. Write about the features that make it feel like a safe place. Maybe the location is close to highly rated schools and parks. This could also be an opportunity to write about security features or smart home technology.

Priced to sell

Every house is priced to sell. In a hot market, this can work favorably. Otherwise, these words come across as hostile. Have a home properly appraised and set it slightly higher than the appraised value. Most deals include at least one counteroffer that is often five to six percent below asking price. Put the odds in your favor by doing away with this term.

Has great bones 

Agents should present every house in the best light. Many buyers know a property will not be 100 percent to their liking and most are willing to invest in a few updates. To say a home has great bones may cause the buyer to perceive the property as a potential money pit. Focus instead on stellar features such as vaulted ceilings or the home’s proximity to A+ schools.


Charming implies to many that the space is compact. Ask yourself what makes the neighborhood or property delightful. It could be a rustic setting, a tree-lined street or architectural details like molding or an intricate staircase. Harness the power of the home’s best features to show off its charm without using this cliche word.

Siren has all the right words for your listings. Let’s start today!

A Miami Copywriter Explains: Living Coral basics

When Pantone speaks, agents and designers should listen. Since 2000, the firm has designated a color to represent the year ahead. Designers usually have the hue in their runway shows and retail giants mass produce the color in their wares. Knowing what the Color of the Year is and how it works in a home sets you apart from those in the field who just chase sales. Home is an art form, something human chase for a permanent feeling of security and beauty.


What is the hue?

Living Coral is a mix of pink, red and orange with gold undertones. It was selected for its life-affirming properties and to call attention to the plight of our dying seas.

How should it be used?

This is up to the homeowner or stager. When using small touches, make sure the shades match, or if varying shades to create visual layers, ensure that there is a wealth of textures. If investing in a statement Living Coral sofa or another large piece, the scale must fit the room. This color can become overwhelming if care is not given to the overall visual theme of a space. Try to avoid using Living Coral in an accent wall as it comes across as noncommittal rather than artistic.

What else goes with it?

Living Coral has predominantly been seen before its coronation by Pantone as a staple in coastal or tropical themes. As such, straw accents work well. Brass is the safest bet for metallic pairings. Jungle Green is a great contrasting hue, as is a crisp white. Choose straw or jute rugs, colored glass, or beaded or faux fur accent pillows.


How will you be using Living Color to stage homes this year?