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Let’s get started breaking your company’s records.

The copy I generated for Monat Gear via pop creative helped sell $415,000 in just one hour.

An abandoned cart email campaign I wrote for Hello Mobile had a record-breaking signup rate of 77 percent.

I was part of a team that revamped Wells Fargo’s communications for every department in just 10 months.

What does that mean for you?

It means not only do I understand the “nuts and bolts” of copywriting, but I also understand digital marketing strategy and how to discover what your customer really wants.

I draw on 13 years of experience to come up with the right angle, a juicy hook, and copy that will make you untouchable in your industry.

Industries I have worked in:
• real estate
• telecommunications
• banking
• health and beauty
• hospitality
• education
• fashion
• legal
• medical
• furniture and home decor

Industries I have edited in:
• banking
• real estate
• hospitality
• spa

Dream Bigger with the Right Copy

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