“Maureen truly understands social media management. I’ve struggled to find someone who can both come up with a great strategy AND write great copy to engage an audience, and Maureen can do both. On top of that, she’s reliable and has great communication.” – Andrea Brizendine, real estate copywriter  

“I was in a big-time crunch to launch my e-commerce store for the holiday season and too swamped to write my own product descriptions. Maureen took on the task and turned out beautiful, optimized copy and even gave it to me DAYS before I expected to see it. Would absolutely work with her again.” – e-commerce client

“I’ve been working with Maureen for the past year and she has an amazing turnaround time. We trust her to meet with clients in person and deliver high-yield results. Her copy generated $415,000 in sales for Monat Gear in just one hour during its launch.” – Aaron Pineda, popcreative 

“I directly managed Maureen at NM+U, with their big client being Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate. She is the most genuine person I have ever met and can weather any storm with grace. I look forward to working with her again in any capacity.” – Xenia Benitez, XB Ventures  

“Maureen does everything quickly and thoroughly.” – Jake Shevlin, New Faces Digital 

“My real estate website was done within a week, and Maureen went really in-depth with her research.” – Luis Duran Rappaccioli, Kairos Real Estate 

“Great job on optimizing our website content and descriptions. Maureen worked fast and was very professional.” – Jose Castillo, MedCBDHealth

“Maureen is a very gifted, creative copywriter. She tackles every assignment or project she is given with enthusiasm and energy!” – Amanda Clinton Winter, former managing editor at Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa magazine 

“Maureen did a great job with our legal templates.” – Frank, Kendall Towing