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“Winter’s Mermaid is like no other novel I have read before, and I loved it! The plot and setting are original and the characters are developed wonderfully. I found this book engaging every moment of reading and I could not put this book down. With all of the health scares from viruses going around at the present day, this story has a real life relevance and meaning to it as well. It is a wonderful story of romance and adventure, and I can not wait to see what the author has in store for their readers next.” -Lindsay S.


“This story (Winter’s Mermaid) is beautifully written. Both unique and engaging. The story’s protagonist Pluma de la Osa, is a young teenager with a strange ability. She can smell emotions and thoughts. She lives on an island called Tica and is surrounded by stifling cultural practices. Religion, society, and marriage (divorce is forbidden) are considered top priorities in Tica, which contradicts Pluma’s dream; to write and go to college.

A hurricane ends up causing horrific damage to the island and her father is left in financial ruin. The leads her mother and father to the conclusion that marrying her off would be a way to lighten the financial struggle. Eventually gets set up with Aden, who is a decent man in finance and can support her. Things with him are average, but stable. Soon after, she becomes pregnant (to the dismay of Aden).

During her pregnancy, a strange occurrence happens across the island. Animals start dying and Ticans believe it to be from a foreigner named Rikur. Rikur also happens to be Pluma’s favorite writer and doesn’t want him to be convicted of being a mangoso (disease spreader) because then he would be publicly hung.

She ends up visiting him in jail to keep him company and their friendship grows. Eventually the jailers are convinced to let him and their passion proves to be too much for them to control. He wants Pluma to run away with him.
Pluma is then faced with a major dilemma of whether to flee the island or stay with her family.

This story drew me in and I fell in love with the characters. I know a story is good when I truly root for the protagonist. The book includes multidimensional characters such as Pluma’s loving, yet authoritative mother, to her caring and wise maid Neptuna. Also, the writing flows very well with descriptions like “green eyes bordered by heavy curtains of navy lashes” . Maureen is a very talented writer”.-Amazon Reviewer