Stop What You Are Doing and Write Your Memoir

Humans write to communicate and connect. The memoir is the perfect way to do both. Most assume that if they are not a celebrity or they have not survived a national tragedy, then their words will not be valued. Siren Publications is here to tell you that is incorrect. We lead lives of loves, disappointments and triumphs in which others may relate. The stories we tell ourselves every day internally help shape the world and ourselves.

Memoirs are the best form of therapy and the best part is that it is free! Writing down your life story makes it possible to see where the ego gets in the way of progress. We replay moments in our head and more importantly apply them to other events, singular and ongoing. If we give one thought, memory or assumption such a power subconsciously, then we must take back that energy back. There is a notion that the authority in telling our story is in the actual act of writing. After all, the power in our lives comes from living. However, the power in our lives does not come from living it, but in the reflection of it all. The power in writing comes from revision and the power of living fuels reflection.

What if everyone in the world had finally felt understood? The secretary trudging home from the office with a dark past may not feel so victimized or the accountant, who was beaten as a child, directs pity towards for his aggressors rather than full-blown anger at everyone else. We tend to think of the universe and humanity in the broadest terms. Think globally and act locally. Even standing in line at CVS offers the chance to improve the world’s state. A smile can give hope to someone desperate enough to consider not living. With our own victimizations/untold secrets put on the page, we accept others and therefore ourselves. When we mire in feeling misunderstood, we interpret people, place and things as either positive or negative. The truth is most of the time they are neither. We would not only increase self-awareness, but also see the world as it is without making it fit our storylines.

Consider the wisdom within you. The seemingly endless obstacles, the challenges that brought you nuggets of wisdom were all lessons you needed to learn so one day you could pass them on or live a better life for yourself. In addition, your closest family members may not even know your perspective on the same events they have lived through as well. Writing down your journey could save someone else, either family or stranger, from making the same mistakes or providing a clearer path for future generations. Think of the curiosity you feel towards your ancestors, now imagine how future generations could have wished they had intimately known you.

We only attain happiness or clarity after releasing all attachments. There are certain topics that have such a stigma that we as a collective are fearful to address them. No one wants to discuss the topic of miscarriage, depression and other health matters. As a result, there is not as much information out there as there should be. Once we sit down and make the decision to share, others will come forth. The isolation of keeping things in creates a natural state of distrust, but think if someone leaned over to you right now and said I understand your secret because it happened to me as well. You would feel a certain sense of comfort that only empathy can provide.

Memories are fluid. The actual practice of writing your stories helps you to become a more effective communicator. A story is comprised of finely tuned details and a clear ending. We have all sat in parties or even in the park and experienced someone rambling on. If they had taken the time to write what they wanted to convey down on a sheet of paper, their words would have more impact. Everyone loves a good storyteller and that person can be you if practiced enough.

Will you come off as a self-absorbed navel gazer? Of course not! Think about it in this manner, you brush your teeth every morning. The bristles clean your mouth of the unnecessaries of life and reveal the pristine state underneath. As an added benefit, others enjoy speaking with you more with a cleaner mouth. Telling your story is the same. You feel better about yourself and remove anything standing in the way of being the most pleasant person to speak with at any time. Writing your memoir is primarily for yourself, but it can benefit others as well.

Will your family hate you as a result? There is no real answer for this. Yes, they may not appreciate the public airing out of dirty laundry. Faulkner reiterated that the only person a writer was beholden to was himself or herself. To make matters easier, blend people together into a composite; no one is directly mentioned. Think long and hard about how much you are willing to expose your family. The key aspect in answering this question is whether you will be writing to hurt or heal. The journey is about you, so consider how much you want to feature other people.

Siren Publications believes in the power of memoir writing. Workshops are held upon request or you can make an appointment any time for a private consultation. Your story deserves to be told. Begin your legacy today.

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