Lumicell Wave 4

I recently tried on the most perfect pair of rose gold shorts. They were cute and they fit so well until I turned around in the dressing room mirror. Coming out the bottom was unsightly bulge. Gross, I thought, why does cellulite even have to exist? Men do not get it and they do not want us to have it either.

I go to kickboxing all the time and I eat as cleanly as possible. I just looked in that mirror wishing I could transfer that fat higher into my derriere. It bothered me for about a week and then I decided to call Brickell Cosmetic Center & Spa after I saw their customer reviews; I needed to have a chocolate chip cookie every blue moon that would not transform into cellulite the second I am done eating it.

Crash Course: Cellulite is an accumulation of fat deep within the layers of connective tissues. When it has no more room to grow, it pushes up against the skin. I never thought I would say this; I am lucky just to have it hang out of my shorts. Some women get it on the arms, breasts and stomach. Thankfully, Brickell Cosmetic Center & Spa was here to help. The Lumicell Wave 4 uses four non-invasive techniques: photoneumatic massage, infrared energy, lipolysis through electroporation and tissue firming through ultrasound.

I like to think that the Lumicell Wave 4 is called that because it is a four-step process:

The massage breaks up the fat deposits under the connective tissue so the light can penetrate better. Rolling up and down your leg, you feel productive.
Your skincare specialist put a few topic treatments on to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Then they do the ultrasound technique, so everything gets down deep as possible.
Go back to the store and purchase those shorts.
I still have to diet and exercise. However, I like to use the Lumicell Wave 4 as a supplement. I think of this cellulite treatment as part of my routine to look and feel my best. Ladies, we all need a pair of cute, tiny shorts in our closet.

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