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A Manicure is a Must

A manicure is a mini indulgence to let the world know you care about appearance and yourself. Our nails can get chipped cleaning, typing and through just plain living. Through hand gestures and shaking hands, we express ourselves with our ten digits. There is no better way to give the best impression than with a pop of color and well-groomed nails.

Nail color is the easiest way to develop a signature look. Ever since a so purple it is black polish came out four years ago, my nails have not known another color. I love how dark the color is and how white it makes my skin look. If it chips, it is not as noticeable as with a lighter color. When I try out a new color, it inevitably does not look like me. I find this color makes me feel great about myself and sends the message that my glamour is on the darker side, but still just as valid. Read More

Lumicell Wave 4

I recently tried on the most perfect pair of rose gold shorts. They were cute and they fit so well until I turned around in the dressing room mirror. Coming out the bottom was unsightly bulge. Gross, I thought, why does cellulite even have to exist? Men do not get it and they do not want us to have it either.

I go to kickboxing all the time and I eat as cleanly as possible. I just looked in that mirror wishing I could transfer that fat higher into my derriere. It bothered me for about a week and then I decided to call Brickell Cosmetic Center & Spa after I saw their customer reviews; I needed to have a chocolate chip cookie every blue moon that would not transform into cellulite the second I am done eating it. Read More

Smooth Skin

Before I went to Brickell Cosmetic Center & Spa, my skin was a mess. I had been a smoker for a few years (try decade) and I was starting to show the wear of working too late. My skin care treatment was going to be Smooth Skin. It is also referred to as a non-surgical facelift treatment. Needles do not make me squirm or anything, I have overly sensitive skin that reacts to everything. Despite my bad habit, I am very careful about what I use on my skin. Read More


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