A is for Algorithm

the letter A

We all hated mathematics in school. Most of those formulas never applied to real life. Now a formula is determining the amount of traffic we receive on our websites.  An algorithm is an internet program that gives you all the marketing information needed.  Algorithms use that data to predict or optimize your visitor numbers.

Google, Yahoo and Bing’s organic listings operate off an algorithm that scans websites for content.  What does this mean?  Every couple of weeks, a search engine program will scan your site for new content and other aspects of your site.  They do this to use your information to make money from their paid advertisements.  When the program has run through your site fifty times and seeing the same website aspects over a few years, the search engines begin to trust that you are a valuable and true resource for their customers: the people on their computers, ipads, and phones using search engines.  It is that simple.

This means that your content must be new to be considered valuable. Blog posts are a great way to keep your content new when the sweeps happen.  Re-purpose your content as often as possible. Switch out images and other tweaks may help.

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