B is for Blogs

the letter BB
The value of one blog, given the digital footprint of all publications, trumps the postcard 1,000 times over. People like to hear and share good products. Blogs are built around people who want to share their experiences and are powerful for marketers. Every website should have an updated blog. They are dedicated to almost every product you can imagine. A million and one uses for baking soda, or the little black dress are some examples of blogs with large followings. The most successful bloggers keep their content relevant and consistent. Think of all the blogs dedicated to celebrities. They will never run out of topics, but bloggers can lose credibility if they miss a big story. Consistency and relevance must be your top goals with your blog.
Be interesting
Popular blogs intersperse images with their words to keep the reader interested. Guest blogging is one way to build links. A reputable person is invited to write on your blog and hopefully bring their audience with them. Check out sites that offer free images to make your content pop. Some readers will appreciate visual cues.
Seek validation
If a blogger is raving about your product/service, send them a thank you card or ask for their feedback to improve your business. Every single person on the planet wants to have his or her opinion matter. Allow them to be heard. If you leave comments open, you will find independent conversations happening. Communities can be built on your blog if participants feel heard and comfortable. When you demonstrate to readers that you are listening, they will champion your business every time. Do not take it for granted that people love your business. It can all go away if you become cavalier about their loyalty. People make businesses.

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