Be the Expert in Your Field

expertIn exchange for emails or points of contact during a CTA, give away some of your expertise. It may sound counterintuitive to give away what someone will pay for if given the option. A giveaway is a way for warm leads to begin investing their trust in you. Information such as eBooks or downloadables allow a company to be a keynote speaker each time their words are read. A prime example is a book, which provides expert level information for the reader adding value to their knowledge base.

Customers want to be in the know and they want relevant information. If a business is perceived as valuable, they can grow their audience. The focus on this type of content is inbound marketing. Perceived value will engage potential customers and they will initiate the conversation. One way to start the conversation is for the viewers to ask question about the content. Perhaps they would send in questions about the information provided or ask for further clarity. This is their way of beginning a conversation with your brand  and expressing interest. Develop your content with inbound marketing in mind.

The truth is consumers do not trust advertising, but they should trust you. By giving away relevant information, you will be considered an expert in your field. If someone shares the post on social media, then you have the opportunity to gain new followers thus increasing your reach. Consider hiring Siren Publications to draft your eBook. Your new audience awaits you.

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