C is for Connection

C letterEvery platform for social media has one goal: to connect. A Facebook connection is called a friend; Twitter calls them followers, and LinkedIn easily enough refers to them as connections. The trick with connecting with people is not to act as if you want something from them. Connecting is just that, meeting somewhere in the middle to discuss common interests. The second you begin selling yourself to anyone on these platforms in an overdone manner, they will likely delete or block you.
Still, you want to include your business in the conversation. For the most part, you would not be on a platform if you did not have something to say. How do you strike a balance? Try the 80/20 rule. This rule of thumb means 80% of your feed should be about your connections, and 20% is all about you. Most people will understand the need to sell as long as it does not interfere with their desire to feel valued. In other words, they will tolerate it if it is relevant to them.
Try to target your audience through common interests. Someone interested in fashion will love anything on trends, design, or accessories. They may not love it if you start discussing your services as a hedge fund manager. Perhaps you can get a niche going through different avenues, but most likely not.
Connect with your audience as fellow travelers in this life rather than potential customers. It will make the journey easier for all of us.

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