Checklist for Segmentation


segmentationSegmentation is a marketing strategy, which divides a broad market into subsets of perceived overlapping needs and interests then targeting their pain points. In essence, you are making segments about of a large group. Its objective is to design a marketing mix that precisely matches the expectations of customers in the targeted segment.

Items  to consider when playing assessing your direction and content:

Who is your audience?

Where do they live?

What are their spending habits?

Why are they seeking out your products and service?

What value do you hold for them?

Are you relevant?

Are you offering enough or too much?

Are you offering too little?

What makes them agree with you?

What makes them disagree with you?

Are you offering an exact focus?

How can you address any objections they may have?

What should be added or removed for maximum impact?

What do your prospects need to know in order to say yes?

What is making them say no?

What is the best time to engage them on social media?

You should be fully aware of how to segment your target audience. Never believe that all people, from all walks of life, will purchase your product/service just because it is being offered. Pricing, customer care, segmentation, inventory management are all areas that will benefit from awareness in your ROI. For optimal marketing, target and segment your viewers. If you try to appeal to everyone, no one will be satisfied. Reviews and geographic locations will help add authority to your ad and further segment traffic.

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