D is for Data

letter DData allows a business to take action with clarity and vision, more so than ever before. These targeted numbers are everything. They are the driving force in business, particularly with SEO. Data gives you a clearer view of what is going on with your customers and/or operations. Algorithms use collected data to predict or optimize numbers. Numbers have a secret language, and if you can decode it, you will have everything you want to know about your business. The one caveat is, some marketers have learned the manipulate the data to back up and claims they make. If they want the data to reflect a surge in traffic then they can do so; however, the numbers that demonstrate traffic did not result in conversion may be conveniently discarded.
The information is there, learn to decode it and use it to your company’s benefit. Big data marketing is now an exact science. Marketers can understand consumer buying responses to both micro and big markets which enables markets to adjust spend across the variety of channels available from television to Twitter. The best way to go about this is to examine actual sales over a period of time as well as the intensity of activity changes from week to week. Three months is the average length of consumer memory. So the question is whether to focus on short-or long-term efforts. For example, rooted in insights from big data it has been tested that Twitter is useless after three p.m. on Fridays and does not regain steam until Monday morning.
Insights help you not to waste efforts. Learn enough to understand what the metrics and dimensions mean so the wool will not be pulled over your eyes.

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