E is for eBook

letter eI am a big proponent of writing an eBook for your business. Your customers want an expert to work with them and writing a book puts you on the path of being an influencer. With all the barking going on in the digital world, it is a relief to have a place where a reader can ask questions and gain new knowledge. Consider whether your targeted audience is other experts, newbies, or somewhere in between. Writing a tome is not just about putting your name out there; it helps you learn more about your business and business in general. Also, excerpts from the book can be chopped into bits for your social media feeds and your blog.
My Twitter feed is snippets from various articles and business books I have written. I can go over a year without writing anything new, and all I need to do is tweak my content a bit to make sure it stays relevant. Once the your book is written, you can relax knowing the content will go on to have several lives. Make sure you hire a qualified ghostwriter or editor. You can give them an outline or whatever you have written.

I wrote a longer post on this particular topic of which I am so very passionate. Please check it out at http://sirenpublications.com/be-the-expert-in-your-field/

Get your expertise out there and write that eBook!

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