F is for Facebook

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Facebook can be an excellent platform for you and your business. You can set up a business page quite easily and invite your friends to like the page to get the word out there. Many people swear by Facebook ads while others hate them with a passion usually reserved for parking tickets.

In actuality, Facebook is a great place to advertise. All you need to do is research which type of audience you want to target and segment. The more specific your targeting is, the better. For example, you can target 18-25 year olds for your frozen yogurt shop in Miami as Facebook further segments based on age and geographical location primarily. You set the parameters of who you want to reach, set a realistic budget (once you reach your spend, the ads cease), and make your ads relevant.

People in Miami are conscious of their weight, even if some tend to leave the beach to the tourists.  A FB ad can address the pain point of wanting something yummy to eat without gaining weight.  A tagline can be “Enjoy Foster’s Frozen Yogurt, the most delicious way to lose weight in Miami.”

You can check out the data with their specific metrics and tweak as you go.  Insights help you understand the virality of a post and how other members are interacting with your fan page. Perhaps your target prefers videos to text or vice versa. You can unearth the demographics of who likes your page.  Maybe you have a fan base of men more than women for your yogurt shop which can revolutionize how you advertise. Instead of focusing on calories, you may include a protein powder to address the perception that frozen yogurt will not help gym-goers get into beast mode.

Knowing your reach translates into how much of your content is actually reaching your fans, the number of people talking about your page, and if they are referring it to others through shares.  You can know who is talking about your page (s) and if your content is working by using this social media platform.

Facebook is not for everyone. Do your research to see if it is a match for you and your business.


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