H is for Hootsuite

hhhhhhhHootsuite.com is an amazing social media management tool. There are both paid and free options. Originally, the service was $5.99 a month, and now it is up to almost to $15. Some will disclaim the service as too expensive, but the paid version includes analytics alongside other benefits. I only use the free version so I can’t wax poetic about the paid one.

What draws businesses into using the site is the scheduling of tweets. When I first started Siren, I had no clue how to schedule tweets. I wondered how people were close enough to their computers to send messages. Now, I realize that they had a set schedule.

When you sign up for the service, they are very helpful, and there are dozens of tutorials on Lynda.com or YouTube. The basic gist is you go into your dashboard and post messages in advance. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+, and WordPress are the standard networks to connect with for a user.

If you want to add different profiles, then you can. The free account can help you if you are a social media specialist, and your clients are less than three. A free account will also work if you just want to separate your business and personal life. Just make sure you keep your tabs separate so you don’t post your party photos on LinkedIn thinking they are going to Facebook.

The free account will not allow you to setup tweets too far out. Every two months I stock up and construct future messages. It would be easier with a paid account, but that is up to you. There is an option on Hootsuite to pick the best times to post with the auto scheduler. Just don’t post to Twitter on Friday or LinkedIn on a Monday and you will be fine.

Hootsuite is all about convenience. Weigh the options of free or paid. Happy scheduling!

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