How to Create a Seller Safety Plan

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A lot of real estate press focuses on your safety, but what about your sellers?  You and your sellers need to stay safe during showings – no exceptions. By sharing your concerns for seller safety, you can boost your reputation and the industry’s. 

Here we go!


A medicine cabinet can be a jackpot for the wrong type of open house guest. Prescription medication can be easily stolen, as bathrooms are not generally locked during a showing. 

Ask your sellers to put medications in their handbags to keep everyone safe. 

Knife blocks 

A kitchen is the heart of a home. A knife block may seem innocent enough to leave out. However, a potential thief may incorporate the knife block into their robbery plans. There isn’t really anything you can do as a real estate agent if a guest with a knife wants to leave with a priceless painting or a new television.


Family photos may be displayed if the sellers are still living on the property. It can be cute to see the whole family in matching outfits; it can also be dangerous. 

Remove all photos to protect the identity and privacy of children currently living in the home. 

Private tours

Getting a glimpse into someone’s home is something criminals love to do. They can take the open invitation a For Sale sign can give to case the property. Advise sellers to refuse anyone who asks for an on-the-spot private tour. You never know. 

Craigslist scams

A popular scam is to post a home for sale on Craigslist with someone posing as the owner. The pictures can be uploaded or posted from an open house. Victims are asked to wire a downpayment or rental payment to the scammer.

Watch out for guests taking excessive photos of the property. They may be trying to pretend they live there. 


Every lock should be double checked following a showing or an open house. Don’t forget window locks! A crook can discreetly unlock a window and come back later.

Protect sellers

One of the first things you can do to protect your sellers, and yourself, for that matter, is talk to every seller about who they are allowing into their homes.

So much goes into making a showing and open house safe. You have so much to do as a real estate agent. Focus on your connections, not your marketing by grabbing your book of templates to repeat your success every time you write. 

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