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A Miami Copywriter Explains How to Leverage SEO for Your Website

A search engine is ready to provide a list of solutions with computer systems designed to scour the internet, and store and categorize information based on keywords, keyword phrases and relevancy. Google has rules based on what it believes users want. Keywords and keyword phrases determine what appears on the SERP, the search engine results page. Google’s Andrey Lipattsev, a search quality senior strategist, revealed that the top three ranking factors are links pointing to your site, high-quality content and RankBrain. Turn these guidelines into strategies for your business or real estate listings.


Links pointing to your site are essential, with earned links getting preference over paid ones. Google thinks that more citations equal legitimacy, which signals relevance to web crawlers and drives referral traffic. The process of earning links is time consuming, especially from reputable sources such as The New York Times, but an earned link of that caliber would skyrocket your business to the top of the SERP. Make sure your content is compelling by hiring Siren ask industry influencers to give you a shout out on their websites. 

High-quality content 

The goal of content is to be read, shared and valued. Research content that addresses the pain points of your niche, why these are pain points and which keywords your clients are using to find answers. Generate topics based on the most used keywords and what your audience wants to know. Focus on readability to top SERPs because dwell time, the amount of time a reader stays on your page, signals relevancy to Google. 

Siren focuses on clarity, organization, thought flow and simplicity. The trend for 2019 is to go in-depth with a topic. Choose relevant ones that have many layers and can be stretched into at least 12 articles with multiple citations. Set yourself up as an expert with first-person details and plenty of fresh statistics, studies, information, and research, which will provide an opportunity for other websites to link to yours. Siren is available to do all ghostwriting so you can spend more time selling. 


As a component of Google’s core algorithm, RankBrain uses the ability of machines to teach themselves from data inputs. This is known as machine learning. RankBrain provides a filter that takes into consideration the searcher’s location and word choice to determine their true intent for more relevant results. The algorithm then calculates and teaches itself over time to read and match a variety of signals.  Calculations are used to order search engine rankings. Make sure to have backlinks and content to rank. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and how they are ranking to set a plan. 

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