How to Write a Newsletter

How to Write a Newsletter

Newsletters are a stellar way to stay in touch with clients. You can share ideas, listings/promotions and anything that appeals to your target audience. The only challenge is standing out in a crowded inbox. 

Provide worthy content 

By now, you should be aware of what your niche wants to read about. If not, visit the same sites they do and conduct a keyword analysis. You can also pay attention to what they post on social media for insights. 

How to Write a Newsletter

Be consistent 

You may be so eager to send your first newsletter that you pack it with your best articles/listings, ideas and promotions. Don’t do this. Think of your newsletter as a marathon, not a sprint. 

When you send your newsletter the next month, it may lack the pizzazz of the first one. Slow down and come up with themes for every month, also known as an editorial calendar. This will make each month easier for you to writer for. 

How to Write a Newsletter

For Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate, each month a newsletter was sent that centered on what was going on for the month and season. Summer month newsletters talked about outdoor dining, great recipes and design ideas. A Pinterest board was also generated to promote these ideas. 

The company understood that talking about decorating your Christmas tree in July was not going to get traction. Subscribers looked to the newsletter to get ideas for their immediate concerns. Do the same for your clients. 

Subscribers should know by the first newsletter what to expect from you. Decide on the goals and direction before writing one word of copy. Speak to their needs, not what you want them to read. 

How to Write a Newsletter

By speaking to their needs, you will establish yourself as an authority to them. Everyone wants someone in their life who has all the answers and ideas. 

Subject line

Grab the attention of your subscribers with every detail. Make the subject line exciting and urgent. Give them a reason to open it such as a promotion or giveaway.  You don’t have to do an extravagant giveaway each month. 

How to Write a Newsletter

A nice bottle of wine, a fun experience, such as a trip to the zoo or a consultation with a designer, is enough to pique their interest. Better Homes and Gardens®Real Estate always had some token giveaway to increase their open rates. 

Figure out what you can afford and announce the winner in the next newsletter. 

Newsletter subject line examples include: 

  1. Create Your Best Home Yet with These Inspirations + Giveaway Inside
  2. Make Staying in the New Going Out with These Inspirations + Giveaway Inside
  3. Staying In Just Got More Stylish with These Inspirations + Giveaway Inside
  4. Home Is Where the Heart Is with These Inspirations + Giveaway Inside
  5. Celebrate Life and Home with These Inspirations + Giveaway Inside
  6. Make Your Home a Sanctuary of Style + Giveaway Inside


Write for your audience. Subscribers are not the expert you are establishing yourself to be. Own it. Don’t use complicated language, acronyms and abbreviations. 

By talking over your subscribers’ heads, you will lose many. Write at a sixth-grade reading level and throw in some graphics. 

How to Write a Newsletter

Content should be snappy. Better Homes and Gardens®Real Estate presented around three to four articles every month and a new listing. This formula worked for them because it was what their subscribers were interested in and stay within the confines of their attention level. 

The BHGRE newsletter had links to their articles and the copy came from trying to get subscribers to open that link. 


The Business of You: Create the perfect in-home working environment


Make Everyone a Winner: Family game night just got better with these activities and ideas


Create a Backyard Wonderland: Reorganize and decorate an outdoor shed with these tips

                        Home prep/cleaning     spots-not-to-miss/

Cross promote with Cleaning Ideas (Pinterest):

Pass the White Glove Test: 10 spots you always miss during a deep clean


Everything must end with a call to action. Decide if you just want them to just click the links, schedule a call or buy a product/service. 


You may be wondering how often to send a newsletter. That depends on how well you are connecting with your audience. If you have a lot to say and people are eager for the next one, do once a week. 

If you want some space around your newsletters, once a month is fine once you learn how to write a newsletter. Some companies only do seasonal newsletters. They can get away with it if their content truly hits the mark. 

How can you hit the mark? Follow your metrics. Check out what actually gets opened and go from there. MailChimp has particularly good analytics. 

Just remember if people can’t immediately place your company’s name when it hits their inbox, you need to step your newsletter game up. Don’t be at the bottom of anyone’s reading list. 

If you want to be heard, listen. Get feedback and ask questions. 

Learn how to write a newsletter to take your business to the next level or simply maintain one with Siren Publicationsis easy. With 13 years of newsletter experience, you can get the results your business deserves. You can also purchase the newsletter template . Call 786-208-0451 to get started today. 

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