L is for LinkedIn

letter L


LinkedIn is a professional network to promote yourself and your business.  It is not the Facebook for the business world, as some would characterize it. You can put up photos of work events such as launch parties and the like. LinkedIn is the place to communicate with future employers and/or potential clients. Be professional and take time with your profile by caring about your image, your network, and your future. Don’t put up pictures of you drunk and dancing on tables. Your profile should have a professional photo is which you are fully clothed, even if you design upmarket bikinis. Ask and answer the following questions for the best profile possible:


  1. Why do I want to be on LLinkedIn
  2. Who am I?
  3. What product or service am I offering?
  4. Who are my target clients?
  5. What strengths can I feature?
  6. How do I communicate?
  7. How long will devote daily to Linkedin?



Labels help people understand who you are. When I was a teacher many parents would not tell me what learning disabilities their child had and as a result, I was challenged by this lack of knowledge. Do not let being labeled stop you from defining yourself. I am a writer. I am not an interior decorator or an accountant. People seeking writers or content creators will seek me out for what I am capable of doing. In my headline I have the keyword of content creator. Keywords will also help build your network of new leads, customers, and colleagues.

Recommendations and endorsements

It is highly suggested to have at least seven recommendations. These might be awkward to ask for, but they will be beneficial to your profile. There is a brief window for hitting someone up. Right after a project or promotion is the best time. Waiting too long will result in being a slight annoyance to the person you are ask.

For endorsements, list your skills and them have them validated by someone else.  In order to get endorsements, you must give them as well. Try not to over endorse or you might come across as a kiss up.




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