My First National Campaign!

I am the writer for a monthly subscription box of truly amazing nail colors. Starting this month I have created an insert story to match their new Decades Collection that will continue throughout 2015. I love this company not only for their style, but also their compassion. A portion of their profits are donated to fight human trafficking. This is my favorite company to work for and if you are into nails, please check out their website,

sHue_1114-Prague_Insert Card_PRINT (1)

Kitty Hawk has never seen so many people! We’re all sitting anxiously on
the beach dune. Of course, Erika draws hearts, Laura draws geometric
shapes and Diana loves staring at the clouds and daydreaming. We are all
waiting for the big spectacle. Two brothers are testing a real flying machine.
I think they are crazier than bedbugs, but I can’t bear to miss a thing. As
the wind started picking up, we see it takeoff and glide for what seems like
an eternity. We jump up shouting and waving our arms. Erika is the first to
jump into the ocean and then we all follow suite, splashing each other with
glee. What a thrill to have witnessed the first flight! The world is changing so
much it makes my head turn. Laura was telling us that soon women will have
the right to vote. After watching a machine in the sky, I believe anything is
possible. I can’t help but be excited to see what happens in the next decade.


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