O is for Opportunity


the letter OIt may sound foolish to invest more in tough economic times, but it the best time to make money. Customers will tighten their belt and do more intense research before making any purchase. Spend your money wisely during these times to increase visibility and market share. Every cent that goes into marketing is an investment. During the Great Depression Proctor and Gamble made a killing with Ivory Soap. They had an annual competition for soap carving.
This contest was an amazing distraction from the doom and gloom of the headlines. Proctor and Gamble knew what they were doing because how else could one become a master carver, but to practice on multiple bars of soap? Needless to say, the soap company thrived in the 1920s and 30s using this one clever marketing strategy. There is an opportunity with every market all the time.
However, you will not find high ROI if you do not invest your marketing funds where they will deliver the most return. Set a structured budget, but be flexible in fund allocation. Shifts in market environments alongside growth potential among brands or geographies are ignored. Throwing money at the problem does not change history; learn to tap smartly into potential.

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