Pain Points

pain pointsWithout out rain, the grass won’t grow/Without pain the joy in life won’t show are the lyrics to some cheesy song we all sang in summer camp. This may or may not be true, but without pain there will be no business to be had. Pain points are what a client wants to be solved. It can range from reliable tires to organic dog food to meeting content needs. A client wants solutions/answers. Most are willing to throw money to solve problems, but they are also seeking to prevent problems as well.

A customer, either loyal or potential, is valuable. The key to solving their pain point s is customizing your approach. First, you must earn their trust. The easiest way to do this is to have a website. Why? People want to make sure you are reliable and not a spam bot. Many social media agencies receive dozens of emails a day promising them the best SEO possible for low rates. The problem is when you look on their sites and everything is poorly spelled with grammar that is painful to read. A paying adult wants you to fix their pain points and since pain points tend to be personal you must come across as trustworthy.  Address their pain points head on in your landing pages and content.

Your main goal in any business is to keep clients happy. You are solving their pain points in a way that meets their expectations. The second component is to be valuable to them. If your website content is all about how fabulous your product/service is, then chances are viewers will be turned off.

Focus on who your client is and what they want from your business.  If you are targeting women, then chances are they want an emotional connection such as feeing supported. Give it to them. Your approach is almost as important as the pain points you are solving. Reach out to your clients instead of barking at them.



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