Questions to Answer for Your Newsletter

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Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your clients and warm leads. Your content must be relevant and answer questions without asking them. Here is a list of questions you might consider reflecting upon when drafting your content.


How does your company uniquely serve and address pain points?

The focus should be on how to serve your clients and how your product/service addresses their pain points. Your business is about other people, not about pitching yourself for the umpteenth time.

Who is your target versus your real audience?

If you look back at my posts on business plans, you will read about a cereal buffet that targeted college students, but their real audience was elementary students. There is a difference between your desired and attainable audience. Know the difference.

How can you promote new products or classic products without pitching?

No one wants to read a newsletter to read long and drawn out pitches. Be relevant by offering solutions to client pain points.

Do you have proof of your expertise such as awards, testimonials, or statistics?

Clients love to hear about how others find your services/products valuable. You can toot your own horn here without sounding pompous.

How can you prove that you listen to your customers?

Every once in a while, dedicate a newsletter to common questions you receive. This will prove you are dedicated to communicating with your clients.  Once they feel heard, your clients are more likely to speak up. You can glean their comments and questions for insights in your products/services for improvement.

Any misconceptions or myths it would behoove your clients to clear up?

At the watercooler, when there is silence someone has to fill it with something valuable. Let your business be the topic of conversation.

What are new trends in your industry that would be interesting to know?

Let your clients into your world by being knowledgeable of what is currently going on in your world.


Your newsletter is a monthly (but not daily reminder) that your business is valuable. Go forth and be relevant.









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