10 Tips to Create Powerful Descriptions of Real Estate for Sale

This article originally appeared in the BHGRE blog on August 2018.

Agents have a brief opportunity to attract buyers to their listings. The right words attract targeted traffic and encourage buyers to take immediate action. Use one or more of these savvy tips to create powerful descriptions of real estate for sale.

Short and simple

Buyers seek instant gratification. Agents have a few seconds to grab their attention. Keep real estate descriptions short and simple. Extended descriptions are too wordy, and the reader may lose interest. Get to the point and provide a thorough overview of the property. Be succinct by using 100 to 200 words for listings. Anything less is not enough to encourage someone to act on the property. 

Showcase the most alluring amenities

It takes just a few words to describe the number of bathrooms and bedrooms. The rest of the description should focus on the most alluring amenities of the real estate for sale. Showcase desirable features such as hardwood flooring, energy-efficient appliances, a fireplace, hot tub or swimming pool. People who are searching for homes use these terms often.

Speak to the target audience

Take the guesswork out of the description for potential buyers. Rather than making them read between the lines, speak directly to the target audience. Define who they are and why the house is perfect for their needs. Appeal to families with a statement such as “located near award-winning public schools.” Maximize the potential of a small house by saying, “ideal for first-time home buyers or retirees.”

Optimize real estate descriptions

Buyers need to find an agent’s real estate descriptions. Optimize all listings by including the type of property, location and critical terms about the house. People usually look for dwellings by area and the number of bedrooms. Make sure these terms are in all real estate descriptions. The content should attract search engines and potential buyers.

Proofread all descriptions

Spelling and grammar errors make a real estate agent look careless. Earn trust by proofreading all real estate descriptions before they are posted and published. Look for grammar and spelling errors. A program such as Grammarly.com is helpful. Another option is to ask an associate to reviews the description to see if it looks correct and reads smoothly.

Use paragraphs

A large block of text is difficult for the reader to digest. Break down the major subject points by creating paragraphs. Each paragraph should have just one or two sentences. Short paragraphs make the description easy to read and remember. Use a paragraph to define basic features, another to highlight amenities and a third to reach out to specific target markets.

Bring buyers Into the home

While descriptions must be short, they should also be complete. The goal is to use effective words to bring buyers into the home. Paint a picture with each sentence. Use words that give buyers a visual representation of the property. Instead of stating the house has hardwood floors, be specific. Describe them as oak or bamboo floors.

Avoid unnecessary repetition

Many real estate descriptions include default characteristics, such as the price of the home and the square footage. Avoid repeating these features in the written description. Other than the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the description should be original. Use the limited number of words to focus on features that are not in the default overview of the house.

Special incentives

Some properties have special incentives that make the descriptions more compelling. Always list these advantages in all descriptive content. Examples include a seller who is willing to pay for all or part of the closing costs. Another is a home that offers a tax advantage, such as grandfathered tax rates. 

Include a compelling call to action

People need a reason to contact an agent about a house immediately. Conclude all real estate descriptions with a compelling call to action. Stating the house will not be on the market long at the listed price gives people a reason to call the agent right away. The call to action can be as straightforward as “call now for more details.”

Everyone recognizes the power of words. They can be used to describe, encourage, inform and inspire. A top-notch real estate agent is also a wordsmith.

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