S is for Social Media

the letter sSocial Media is one of those things where everyone feels they are an expert once they figure it out. While not impossible to figure out, it does require some finesse. Do not feel overwhelmed by so many options for social media. You do not need to be on every platform. Pick two or three and do them well.
Don’t pitch constantly
Don’t send automated DMs to new followers; it is creepy. Thanking people for their follow is nice, but when followed by a pitch, the thank you is negated. Also, try not to crossover your message with every platform sans formatting it. You have to add value to readers’ lives by addressing their pain points. They have enough people pitching to them that they have grown immune and only pay attention when something is of value.
There will be someone on social media that will have something unpleasant to say about your business. The claims may be exaggerated, but they can work in your favor with the right attitude. Respond to negative comments with a solution. Getting defensive might rally the internet trolls.
Return the favor
Part of social media is being social. If someone favorites, likes, or shares your message, then return the favor. You have to interact on a cyber level to reach your goals.
Cultivate a message
You can create your feeds or have someone else such as an intern or freelancers compose them. It is tempting to have an intern write them, but without real world experience, they may not understand that what is great to them might come across as cloying to others. A freelance can ghost your message with a proven track record.
There are people who post seven times a day. On the other hand, there are others who only do it twice a day. A prominent social media guru suggests posting the same message three times a day as each time a new group of people will see it. There is no magic formula, so just play around with times and content.

Play around with social media. While it is necessary in today’s digital world to have a presence, it is a channel not the Enterprise.

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