T is for Twitter

the letter tTwitter only allows you to use 120-140 characters. Keep it as short and sweet as possible. At first, you may be challenged by the length, but after a month you will grow comfortable with the limitation. If you go over the allotment, you will get cut off and look unprofessional.

Include #s (hashtags) in many of your tweets so that it’s easier for people to find you. Making your personalized hashtag is also popular. Three hashtags are the maximum limit suggested in each tweet. Stuffing tweets with hashtags are tedious, and some may unfollow you as a result.

Be social
If you want an authentic and interactive Twitter page, it’s very important to be social and interact with other people on Twitter. A minimum recommendation would be retweeting or commenting on at least four other tweets at least four days a week.

Create time
Set aside time to create tweets. It will probably take you an hour a week to produce and schedule your Tweets. Factor in time to retweet and comment as well as reply to comments on your page. You can’t respond or comment to everyone so create lists to keep your focus keen.

Introduce yourself
Keep your profile sweet. Introduce yourself and briefly explain what you do. Share all your services so people can know all of your products/services. Here is mine: Hello Twitterverse! My name is Maureen Castellon. I am a freelance content creator. Let’s tell your brand’s story. Please check out my blog for tips on content.
Include your website so people can find out more about you. Twitter may seems challenging at first;however, it will pay off for your brand.

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