A Miami Copywriter Explains Why SEO Hype is Real

The web is the best place to measure your marketing ROI. Traffic coming to your website can answer the following questions: How long were visitors there? What did they do when they got to the site? Where were they located? Anything and everything you ever wondered about the effectiveness of your campaigns can be answered using the right metric. 


This type of tracking is not available anywhere else in the marketing world. You can measure down to the penny how much your web presence earns your business. Once you know your number, it becomes easier to make the decision to invest in internet marketing. Setting up basic tracking is simple; advanced tracking requires some customization to determine how much you are getting back on your investment.


Analytics are nothing new. Airline flights are cheaper on a Tuesday than on a Saturday morning. Why? The demand is lower during the week. As the weekend comes, airlines jack up their prices just enough to see if their competitors balk. The prices roll back on lower traffic days. Data is the driving force that helps airlines know if they are pricing too high or low for their preferred customers. Business owners can now know which days are the most popular for posting, when their products sell the most and when services are highly requested. 


Data gives you a clearer view of what is going on with your customers and/or operations. Algorithms use that data to predict or optimize your website numbers, but the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Changes based on data do not have to be overwhelming. They can include things such as keyword selection and targeting. If you have 17 things in mind, it’s likely that three of them can be changed without total upheaval. 


Don’t go it alone, make sure you have the proper support before implementing changes. Your employees should be versed in reading analytics and data in some capacity. Learn enough to break into micromarkets and customize sale pitches. Be brave and act on the data you collect. The information is there. Learn to decode it and use it to your company’s benefit.  

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