Uber, Facebook, and Airbnb Have It All Figured Out

3 tigers resting in a tub

No Cabs

The other day I had a meeting in Miami Beach. Fellow Miamians understand that Lincoln Road is just a nightmare when construction is going on. I wound up having to take an Uber at the suggestion of my associate. Uber is a car service in which their drivers use their own cars and pay for their own insurance. In effect, Uber does the connecting, but has little risk and will never run out of clients given that they are way cheaper than cabs.

No Content

Facebook relies on it subscribers to come up with the content. Most are more than happy to post pics of their food and gratuitous selfies. The greatest thing about this social site is that the subscribers do all the work. If Facebook tried to post content there would be a near riot worse than the uproar over their so-called privacy settings.

No Real Estate

Airbnb does not own real estate. Instead, people rent out their homes or have an even exchange.  If you are going to Augusta for the Masters, you can rent a home rather than a hotel room at a much cheaper rate.


So what does the success of these businesses that do not own or generate anything mean for you?  It is all about connection more so than any product itself. We are moving away from selling something and focusing on making the world smaller. This is the future of business.  Take a moment and consider how you can angle your business to this new worldview.

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