Miami Copywriter Explains Brand Traffic

Miami Copywriter Explains Brand Traffic

Brand traffic is crucial to building a platform —and names matter. When choosing the name for your company, most likely, you had to go through a few options before you hit the mark. Hopefully, you also scanned the web beforehand to make sure there was not a similarly christened company offering something unappealing or just in general. 

People will use a brand continuously if it has a positive association attached to it. Think of some of the products that have significant meaning for you. Do you use a certain shampoo because it smells like the one you used at summer camp, or do you always buy specific grocery brands because your grandmother had them in her pantry? Perhaps you haven’t thought about why you buy certain things. Maybe the brand you chose was the cheapest on the shelf. Clients always buy for a reason. The goal is to have brand advocates. 

Blogs and Instagram presences are built around people who want to share their experiences. If you watch how the big companies spend their marketing dollars as a true judge of good practices, you will find that they invest heavily in the web and unofficial spokespeople. The Rambling Redhead is a popular mommy blogger who has a strong Instagram presence. The majority of her content centers on trying on clothing from specific companies. She is advertising under the guise of helping her niche by sharing promo codes and giving reviews that address her target audience’s pain points, such as looking put together in the drop-off line. 

In addition to a strong social media presence, ranking at or near the top of a search engine results page is an excellent brand-building strategy. When it comes to the long-term use of your marketing budget, there is no better place than search engines. One compelling reason for this is the permanent footprint of all work on websites, press releases and social media, especially ones created by this Miami copywriter who has a wealth of experience from multiple industries. Not only will that digital file be there for people to find, but over time it will gain trust with the search engines. 

Websites, like storefronts, are there as long as the business resides in that space. Just having a website without any digital marketing work done can still benefit your business. In a healthy campaign, half of all web traffic is brand traffic.  

Pages created on your site are indexed and stored on the servers of search engines forever.  Web crawlers will promote your pages if they follow Google’s Hummingbird guidelines set at the beginning of 2019.

Once you have clients, make strides in earning their brand loyalty. Part of marketing is cultivating new clients while retaining old ones. A lifelong customer speaks highly of the brand. Potential clients usually have a few impressions of you before considering a purchase. If they see positive reviews online, see your high ranking in search engines and follow your feeds, they may convert to buyers.

If you are in South Florida or beyond, trust this Miami copywriter to generate high-quality content and SEO copy that gets results. Call 786-208-0451 so we can create a strategy that is perfect for your business.

Miami Copywriter Explains Brand Value

Make Marketing and Brand Value Count with the Miami Copywriter

Deciding where your marketing dollars should go is a no-brainer in 2019. A few years ago, internet marketing was not considered as effective as radio and television. Things have changed. Podcast sponsorships compete with radio ads.  Television can be streamed from smartphones via subscriptions with options to skip ads. Social media remains largely free and cost-effective.

The best way to market your business is to sell yourself. Refraining from a social media presence and internet marketing is marketing suicide. A business should be posting at least once a day and engaging with followers. Your name is your brand. Have you ever googled your name? If you haven’t, try it now. You may come across a few unflattering pictures or mentions you were not even aware of. Some random people on LinkedIn may even claim to work for your company. You shape the perception of your brand through your presentation. If a business positively engages its client base and everyone can see it, they achieve a stellar reputation for service, resulting in brand value.

Business executive Seth Godin wrote, “A brand’s value is merely the sum total of how much extra people will pay, or how often they choose the expectations, memories, stories and relationships of one brand over the alternatives.”

You do not want to be one of many when it comes to a client deciding which product to select. In most cases, a client will go with the most affordable option if they perceive every factor to be equal. Focus on differentiating yourself. One way to do this is by hiring this Miami copywriter to write your website content, social media captions and optimized blog articles.

Think of a restaurant that has been around for decades. What makes it valuable? Is it the ambiance, the chef, specific dishes or the location? Clients seek a business for the value it brings to their lives – simple supply and demand. In Miami, Chef Adrianne’s eponymous restaurant offers a delicious French onion soup only on Tuesdays. Many people – including a certain Miami copywriter – who never think of any type of soup may set an alarm to get a bowl before the restaurant runs out of its limited supply because of this increased demand. Customers may not have heard of the restaurant or soup without the power of internet marketing. 

A business must set a standard with its unique stamp. What’s yours? Consider what sets your business apart from your competitors. Lower price is a default value, which in the end may cost you because the cheapest option is not always seen as the best one, thus dropping demand.

Take a moment to consider what makes your business a rare find. Need a little help? Call Siren. We can brainstorm how to get your value across to clients with high-quality, optimized content. 

A Miami Copywriter Explains SEO Content

SEO is not free marketing. Quite a bit goes into strategizing and delivering. Content is essential when it comes to getting results. The truth is that organic search is the better option than pay-per-click ads when it comes to getting noticed. Searchers are more likely to click on a site that addresses their needs than a site that’s paying to be at the top of the search engine results page. However, this takes quite a bit of work. The reason corporations top SERPs is because they have fresh content every day. They employ writers to generate keyword-rich articles that target their niches. Hire this Miami copywriter to make your content stand out from the competition.

Don’t despair! It may seem daunting to come up with niche topics and write long-form articles about each one. I am a Miami copywriter who is ready to take your business to the next level with writing that incorporates your keywords and addresses pain points to get the conversation started. This is what the process will look like if you decide to stand apart from your competition with Siren.

Strategy session

Call 786-208-0451 to schedule an appointment. We will briefly discuss your goals, review your website for intent, check out the best keywords for your business, consider the patterns of your niches, and come up with a schedule for deliverables during your appointment.


Siren will write 500-word articles for your blog on a daily or weekly schedule. These will include your keywords and showcase all the features and benefits of your business. Additionally, keywords and trends will be monitored to ensure your ranking.


SEO is not a magic feather. A few simple articles will not be enough to get you to the top of the search results page. It is, however, the best way to grow and connect with your niche. The best time to have started SEO was five years ago; the second best time is now.  

Let’s enhance your current strategy or give you a fresh start. Work with one of the top SEO copywriters in Miami and beyond. Contact Siren to begin today.  

A Miami Copywriter Explains Search Intent

Keywords are essential to your 2019 SEO strategy. It used to be that a marketer would do a little research and then present a business owner with a list of phrases to be included in their content. Search intent is now the focus. As a Miami copywriter, I can assure you that search intent is a powerful concept that should be considered when generating copy.

Search intent

Google now wants keywords to be as conversational as possible: phrases that people use when speaking with others – or with Siri, Alexa or another assistant. Informational intent is when someone wants the answer to a question. For example, “Where do people buy beetroot lattes?” or “When is the best time to scuba dive in Miami?”/“When are home sales lower?” or “What’s the best way to improve my curb appeal to sell my home?” Navigational intent is used to get to a specific website, such as This type of search intent is only valuable if you are the destination site. Transactional intent is when someone is ready to buy and is searching for the best deal. Similar to transactional intent, commercial investigation is when searchers need a bit more time and convincing before making a purchase. 

Making search intent work for you

A website must reflect the needs of warm leads. Have articles front and center for those searching with informational intent. If a visitor is searching with transactional intent, have products and services on display as soon as they land on your page. Make sure they have direct access to your shop. You cannot do anything for navigational searchers unless you are the specific website they want. Have some fun with commercial investigators by creating graphics with price and feature comparisons.  

If you are in South Florida or beyond, trust this Miami copywriter to generate high-quality SEO copy that gets results. Call 786-208-0451 so we can create a strategy that is perfect for your business.

A Miami Copywriter Explains Anchor Text

Highlighting a page with anchor text is one way to attract attention with quality in-bound or outbound links. You can write an article that references another article on your website, or an outside source can highlight a link to your website from theirs. Start by figuring out the best SEO keywords and group them. For example, go big with ‘real estate agent’/’Realtor’ and break it down using a modifier, such as ‘Miami real estate agent’ or ‘Miami Realtor’. Go further with ‘Miami real estate agent Victorian houses’ or ‘Miami Realtor single-family home’. The key is to understand what your target audience would type into the Google search bar and use that as a foundation for your keywords.  Understanding anchor text is easier than you think.

Understanding link building strategies 

Links between different pages on your site matter. Anchor text is the clickable, usually blue text of a link inserted into an article. It is easy to find and is used to attract users and web crawlers. The actual text matters as a ranking element. The href attribute contains two components: the URL, which is the actual link, and the clickable text that appears on the page.  

Types of anchor text

Exact match – uses exact keywords such as ‘luxury homes’ or ‘affordable homes’

Partial match – uses a variation of the keywords, like ‘designer luxury homes’ or ‘affordable homes for sale’

Branded – only the brand acts as an anchor, for example ‘Siren Publications’ 

Image – linking an image, where the clickable hyperlink is the image itself

Naked URL – uses a straight URL, such as ‘’

Generic – uses a basic, unrelated phrase as the anchor, including ‘click here’ or ‘learn more’ 


 Back in the old days, a link that was supposed to be about luxury homes would take the user to a site about cheap shoes. When Google realized keywords were being used in an abusive way, the Penguin update was formulated, using anchor text to create additional context. The best way to go about anchor text is to use partial matches. Maximize anchor text opportunities by using concise and descriptive text. Format links so they are easy to spot and consider the best context for internal and external links. As of now, guest blogging is the best way to secure authenticity for your links without stuffing the hyperlink with keywords.

By understanding anchor text, Siren can ghostwrite your articles to build your credibility. 

Understand SEO with Siren Publications

A Miami Copywriter Explains How to Leverage SEO for Your Website

A search engine is ready to provide a list of solutions with computer systems designed to scour the internet, and store and categorize information based on keywords, keyword phrases and relevancy. Google has rules based on what it believes users want. Keywords and keyword phrases determine what appears on the SERP, the search engine results page. Google’s Andrey Lipattsev, a search quality senior strategist, revealed that the top three ranking factors are links pointing to your site, high-quality content and RankBrain. Turn these guidelines into strategies for your business or real estate listings.


Links pointing to your site are essential, with earned links getting preference over paid ones. Google thinks that more citations equal legitimacy, which signals relevance to web crawlers and drives referral traffic. The process of earning links is time consuming, especially from reputable sources such as The New York Times, but an earned link of that caliber would skyrocket your business to the top of the SERP. Make sure your content is compelling by hiring Siren ask industry influencers to give you a shout out on their websites. 

High-quality content 

The goal of content is to be read, shared and valued. Research content that addresses the pain points of your niche, why these are pain points and which keywords your clients are using to find answers. Generate topics based on the most used keywords and what your audience wants to know. Focus on readability to top SERPs because dwell time, the amount of time a reader stays on your page, signals relevancy to Google. 

Siren focuses on clarity, organization, thought flow and simplicity. The trend for 2019 is to go in-depth with a topic. Choose relevant ones that have many layers and can be stretched into at least 12 articles with multiple citations. Set yourself up as an expert with first-person details and plenty of fresh statistics, studies, information, and research, which will provide an opportunity for other websites to link to yours. Siren is available to do all ghostwriting so you can spend more time selling. 


As a component of Google’s core algorithm, RankBrain uses the ability of machines to teach themselves from data inputs. This is known as machine learning. RankBrain provides a filter that takes into consideration the searcher’s location and word choice to determine their true intent for more relevant results. The algorithm then calculates and teaches itself over time to read and match a variety of signals.  Calculations are used to order search engine rankings. Make sure to have backlinks and content to rank. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and how they are ranking to set a plan. 

Contact Siren today to start topping search engine results pages with high-quality, optimized content. 

A Miami Copywriter Explains How to Set Marketing Goals with Big Data

Every cent that goes into marketing is an investment. Even the worst of times can provide ample opportunity for creativity. Proctor and Gamble thrived in the 1920s and 30s using clever marketing for Ivory Soap. How else could someone become a master carver, but to practice on multiple bars of soap? The company had an annual soap carving competition that attracted crowds eager to see who would win the prize money and to get a break from the doom of every headline. 


There is an opportunity in every market and in every time. However, you will not find high ROI if you do not invest marketing funds where they will deliver the most return. Set a structured budget yet be flexible in fund allocation. Shifts in market environments and growth potential among brands or geographies are ignored at your peril. 


Big data marketing is now an exact science. Marketers can understand consumer buying responses in both small and large markets, which enables markets to adjust spend across the variety of channels available from television to Twitter. Examine actual sales over a designated time period, as well as the intensity of consumer activity changes from week to week. Three months is the average length of consumer memory. So, the question is whether to focus on short- or long-term efforts. 

Approaches and techniques

Social media influences consumer brand choice. All products can take advantage of this phenomenon, even the common ones such as soap. Producers/companies have the goal to better target through big data. Traditional avenues are also valuable. All avenues work on some level and should be used. Analytics give a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t, but they cannot solve everything. Big data provides different approaches and techniques to deliver insights   which can be used as fodder for action. But no matter how much intelligence is gathered, action must be taken. 


A customer, either loyal or potential, is valuable. Your product or service provides a solution to their problem (pain points), but you must know the customer enough to personalize your offer. Customization may yield a 10 percent increase in sales. These insights into potential clients are not as easy to find, but they can be effective. What are some ways to personalize? Well, what have they purchased historically? What do they look on their phone for? Are there records of loyal customers’ returns or calls of complaint? Once you have a grasp on these potential customers and their data, set up marketing goals. 


The various channels of engagement must be considered, evaluated and consistent, even after payment is rendered. Big data is not a magic feather: it does not hold out well in the long-term but it does help identify weak factors in the client management cycle. Big data is crucial for segmentation and testing out micromarkets. It also helps decipher which times are optimal for engagement. Insights help you not to waste efforts. Everything counts. 

Seek out opportunities with Siren to extend your reach.

Realtor Freebie: Down Payments 101

Clients have a lot of questions about down payments. Share this article with them to provide answers.

The American Dream centers on homeownership. Purchasing a home is a process that can be daunting for many, however, it can be made easier with these insights. Let’s explore the ins and outs of down payments to make your vision of home a reality.  

Down payments

Down payments are required by lenders to deter loan defaults. Different types of loans require a different percentage paid up front.  United States Department of Agriculture and Veteran Affairs loans do not require down payments.  A Federal Housing Association loan requires 3.5 percent down, 203k loans need 3.5 percent and HomeReady™ loans necessitate 3 percent down. On the higher end, conventional loans need between five and 20 percent, with jumbo loans requiring upwards of 20 percent. Down payments can come from your savings, gifts or personal loans. 

Credit scores 

FHA loans are today’s most popular option thanks to their low requirements. Your credit score also factors in with lenders.  As little as 100 points in either direction could cost or save you money. Low credit scores translate into paying more over the course of a mortgage. Lenders want to see a solid financial history and if they don’t, they want to ensure you will be invested in the home. Those with scores below 580 may qualify with a 10 percent down payment. Scores of 580 or above will qualify for an FHA loan with a 3.5 percent down payment. 

Mortgage insurance

A higher down payment of at least 20 percent offers the benefit of avoiding mortgage insurance. With the exception of VA loans, private mortgage insurance (PMI) is required for down payments of less than 20 percent of the home’s value. PMI fees vary from loan to loan. Fees can be removed once the loan balance drops below 78 percent of the appraised value.

Other considerations

A larger down payment minimizes borrowing, averages less in total interest costs, offers lower monthly payments, enhances future borrowing power. On the other hand, smaller down payments do not require as much time to save, and they leave reserves for home improvement, retirement and emergencies. It’s up to you to decide if a larger or smaller down payment is right for you. 

As your real estate agent, I am always available to speak with you regarding your dream home. What questions can I answer about down payments for you today? <Insert contact information> 

A Miami Copywriter Explains Why SEO Hype is Real

The web is the best place to measure your marketing ROI. Traffic coming to your website can answer the following questions: How long were visitors there? What did they do when they got to the site? Where were they located? Anything and everything you ever wondered about the effectiveness of your campaigns can be answered using the right metric. 


This type of tracking is not available anywhere else in the marketing world. You can measure down to the penny how much your web presence earns your business. Once you know your number, it becomes easier to make the decision to invest in internet marketing. Setting up basic tracking is simple; advanced tracking requires some customization to determine how much you are getting back on your investment.


Analytics are nothing new. Airline flights are cheaper on a Tuesday than on a Saturday morning. Why? The demand is lower during the week. As the weekend comes, airlines jack up their prices just enough to see if their competitors balk. The prices roll back on lower traffic days. Data is the driving force that helps airlines know if they are pricing too high or low for their preferred customers. Business owners can now know which days are the most popular for posting, when their products sell the most and when services are highly requested. 


Data gives you a clearer view of what is going on with your customers and/or operations. Algorithms use that data to predict or optimize your website numbers, but the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Changes based on data do not have to be overwhelming. They can include things such as keyword selection and targeting. If you have 17 things in mind, it’s likely that three of them can be changed without total upheaval. 


Don’t go it alone, make sure you have the proper support before implementing changes. Your employees should be versed in reading analytics and data in some capacity. Learn enough to break into micromarkets and customize sale pitches. Be brave and act on the data you collect. The information is there. Learn to decode it and use it to your company’s benefit.  

Hire Siren for your content needs. Let’s put the odds in your favor – email or text to get started today. 

A Miami Copywriter Explains the Value of Knowing Where You Are with SEO

It is estimated that 75 percent of web experiences start with a question. Those answers that are presented in a list after we type a few keywords into a search engine allow us to choose which ones we like best. If a potential lead types in keywords that are directly related to your business, where will you rank in the Google search results? You want to be at the top of the page because the first five listings receive 67 percent of all clicks. This is where search engine optimization comes in with valuable exposure. 

The SEO process

Realize the promise and opportunity of SEO by understanding it is a process that goes beyond a few shortcuts and tweaks. It includes linking, coding and knowing the right keywords. SEO solutions can be divided into on-page and off-page elements. On-page aspects include code design, internal links, platform, page titles and header tags. Off-page elements include development, targeting, keyword authority and identifying related link networks. 

SEO is a must for these top five reasons: 

  1. Your reach must increase

With the right optimization, a small business in Hawkins, Indiana, can take advantage of SEO and go international.  

  1. Credibility equals money

Get into the black with a higher ranking that clients will trust. 

  1. Branding and visibility matter 

Sophisticated buyers don’t just click and buy. 

  1. Harness your ROI 

Using SEO as an in-bound strategy is dynamic and by staying updated, the rewards will exceed traditional marketing methods/tactics. 

  1. Understand customer behavior

Online behavior analytics can provide feedback to help you make business decisions. 

Siren creates website copy that will put you at the top of any page! Email or text to get started today.