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Explaining Internet Marketing to Digital Immigrants

Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives

Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives

Digital Immigrants- those that did not grow up with the internet

Digital Natives-those that not only grew up with technology, but embrace all forms of it


Realizing the value of the web is an important step for many business owners especially ones that did not grow up with the internet better known as‘Digital Immigrants’. Conversely, ‘Digital Natives’ typically embrace any form of technology, mostly because they are not hindered by the idea that it just hasn’t been done before so it should not be done now. Walk outside any schoolyard and most students are more engrossed in their devices than each other. This is their new way of communicating. Instead of passing notes, they like each other’s Facebook statuses. Relationship are cemented through social media rather than in real life. In fact, so many now report a sense of isolation from too much time in the digital realm. Still, they have grown up around computer screens and the like. Nothing digital is frightening to them. As for Digital Immigrants, even those that grew up with chat rooms and the like may have a harder time processing information. They can still recall a time before cellphones and had more face-to-face interactions with their friends than today’s youth.

Digital immigrants need special consideration when being pitched to. They are not likely to announce their satisfaction with a product on Twitter or like a page on Facebook.  They would prefer calling a customer care number to vent rather than turn to a screen. Technology may not be foreign to them, but it can still take a varying period to adjust to any changes. For the majority of their lives, advertising was done on television or radio. Internet marketing can be newfangled to them. They may not understand that search engines are a library of information provided by the business owner and used by search websites to create a market place for business, social networking and many other facets of digital life.

If you or your business are challenged by explaining a search engine simplify it as a market place similar to a mall.  They are in a grand sense electronic billboards and store signs. The more time a sign is up, the greater chance the business will be seen as reputable. They can be at the entrance of the mall where the signage encourages potential clients to visit. On the internet, many will not know you exist unless a search engine brings them to your digital storefront. The longer an ad is up on the internet, the higher the ranking can be. Google works hard to prevent shady businesses from gaining traction on their site. Many fly by night businesses will buy websites and try to make them appear legitimate with bought ads. Google is aware and wary of this practice. In order to ensure a solid marketing mind frame, the ads/business with endurance will rise to the top. Keep in mind that is very difficult to get to the top of the search engine list, especially if your business arena is a packed one. For example, if you own a tanning salon in Miami, there could be hundreds of ads for a tanning salon. Be patient and willing to spend to reach the top of the list or even the first page.

Activity: Open up your laptop or phone. Type in Google and search for high gloss creme nail polish. On the left side of the screen will be different sites of information. On the right side of the screen are paid advertisements.  You can pay to have your business on the right side of the screen. This is internet marketing at work.