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Memoir vs Autobiography

A memoir is a specific journey that you have taken in this lifetime whereas an autobiography is more of a collection of anecdotes. Before you begin writing, decide what your focus will be. Let’s begin by actually defining a journey. Well, a journey has a starting point and an ending point. It is a trip back to your past and present. Now, you may be intimidated by the idea of an ending point for your journey and that will be covered later on. Just sit down and think about what your journey, for this memoir, will be.

Were you a Stones groupie? A lawyer on the biggest case of your career? A survivor of an internal or external war? The greatest thing about memoirs is that any journey can be interesting with solid writing. Consider a journey you make every day. I take my dog around the neighbor for twenty minutes a day.
The leash is taken off the hook and Gladys’s eyes go wide with anticipation as I clip it on to her collar. As expected , my dog twirls around like a drunken ballerina. This forty-five pound creature  yanks me forward as we cross the street. Gladys throws herself on the ground and luxuriates in the sand.
Your turn! Write a paragraph on a daily errand you do. Add as much detail as possible.glad