Sample Travel Piece –Blue Lagoon Tour Copy

Short Description:  

The Blue Lagoon is the landmark that surpasses all others in the land of fire and ice. This geothermal spa located in a black lava field with milky teal water comprised of 70% seawater and 30% freshwater has more visitors every year than there are residents in the country. The waters, which maintain a temperature of around 100 degrees Fahrenheit year round, nourish your skin from the outside as the mineral salts find the balance between your body and soul.

Long Description: 

The Blue Lagoon is an outdoor spa with surreal views unlike anything else on Earth. You will transfer from the capital city of Reykjavik where pure nature is all around into Reykjanes Peninsula. You will arrive at the lagoon with ample time to bathe in the healing waters if you chose to do so. Rather stay dry? There is an abundance of other options for land dwellers such as souvenir shopping, partake in traditional cuisine at the café or restaurant. Find a chair and enjoy the unspoiled views of West Iceland.

Please note that both bathing and non-bathing guests must pay an entrance fee not included in the tour’s price. Bathing guests will be expected to follow the local custom of taking a shower sans swimwear before entering the Blue Lagoon. Gender designated dressing rooms and showers are provided within the facility. Don’t miss one of the many highlights of Iceland and one of the twenty-five wonders of the world.

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