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Become an Expert in Six Weeks

A person who is an industry expert has a distinct business advantage. They command six-figure speaking fees, get invited on news shows to share their opinions on current events/trending topics, and are featured in international publications. This could/should be you.  

You may have reached the point in your career where you want to be considered an expert/the next step up is being considered an expert. Rising through the ranks and being the go-to source for career advice among your colleagues or employees is no longer enough. Sure, you can join professional associations, get another degree or write articles, but it may take quite a while/to cement your new status via these avenues. The world needs to know of your expertise as soon as possible. 

Start or be a part of/voice in the conversation by detailing/giving what people in your industry need to know to succeed. Teach others how to lead or contribute through the lessons you have learned. 

Start by visiting www.sirenpublications.com. I am an experienced ghostwriter who has helped many executives and business owners establish themselves as experts in their fields. Let’s discuss what you would like to share. If you already have a manuscript or an outline, we can discuss themes and organize the material into chapters. If you have not written anything, I can interview you on topics to be covered in your book and begin writing. Once completed, we begin the marketing process. 

Communicate your expertise with a business book today. Call 786-208-0451 to begin the process.