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Become an Expert in Six Weeks

A person who is an industry expert has a distinct business advantage. They command six-figure speaking fees, get invited on news shows to share their opinions on current events/trending topics, and are featured in international publications. This could/should be you.  

You may have reached the point in your career where you want to be considered an expert/the next step up is being considered an expert. Rising through the ranks and being the go-to source for career advice among your colleagues or employees is no longer enough. Sure, you can join professional associations, get another degree or write articles, but it may take quite a while/to cement your new status via these avenues. The world needs to know of your expertise as soon as possible. 

Start or be a part of/voice in the conversation by detailing/giving what people in your industry need to know to succeed. Teach others how to lead or contribute through the lessons you have learned. 

Start by visiting www.sirenpublications.com. I am an experienced ghostwriter who has helped many executives and business owners establish themselves as experts in their fields. Let’s discuss what you would like to share. If you already have a manuscript or an outline, we can discuss themes and organize the material into chapters. If you have not written anything, I can interview you on topics to be covered in your book and begin writing. Once completed, we begin the marketing process. 

Communicate your expertise with a business book today. Call 786-208-0451 to begin the process. 

A Miami Copywriter Explains Anchor Text

Highlighting a page with anchor text is one way to attract attention with quality in-bound or outbound links. You can write an article that references another article on your website, or an outside source can highlight a link to your website from theirs. Start by figuring out the best SEO keywords and group them. For example, go big with ‘real estate agent’/’Realtor’ and break it down using a modifier, such as ‘Miami real estate agent’ or ‘Miami Realtor’. Go further with ‘Miami real estate agent Victorian houses’ or ‘Miami Realtor single-family home’. The key is to understand what your target audience would type into the Google search bar and use that as a foundation for your keywords.  Understanding anchor text is easier than you think.

Understanding link building strategies 

Links between different pages on your site matter. Anchor text is the clickable, usually blue text of a link inserted into an article. It is easy to find and is used to attract users and web crawlers. The actual text matters as a ranking element. The href attribute contains two components: the URL, which is the actual link, and the clickable text that appears on the page.  

Types of anchor text

Exact match – uses exact keywords such as ‘luxury homes’ or ‘affordable homes’

Partial match – uses a variation of the keywords, like ‘designer luxury homes’ or ‘affordable homes for sale’

Branded – only the brand acts as an anchor, for example ‘Siren Publications’ 

Image – linking an image, where the clickable hyperlink is the image itself

Naked URL – uses a straight URL, such as ‘sirenpublications.com’

Generic – uses a basic, unrelated phrase as the anchor, including ‘click here’ or ‘learn more’ 


 Back in the old days, a link that was supposed to be about luxury homes would take the user to a site about cheap shoes. When Google realized keywords were being used in an abusive way, the Penguin update was formulated, using anchor text to create additional context. The best way to go about anchor text is to use partial matches. Maximize anchor text opportunities by using concise and descriptive text. Format links so they are easy to spot and consider the best context for internal and external links. As of now, guest blogging is the best way to secure authenticity for your links without stuffing the hyperlink with keywords.

By understanding anchor text, Siren can ghostwrite your articles to build your credibility.