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How to Stay on Top of Your Business with Relevant Content

Every marketer tries to sell you on the value of evergreen content. They tell you it will make your website a destination for your industry and save you money. This is not true. I recently listened to the audiobook of Dan S. Kennedy’s The Ultimate Sales Letter. The legendary advertiser kept mentioning how his content was evergreen. All the talk of fax machines, postcards and landlines drowned out the relevant content. Had the editors trimmed those bits and added a few chapters about email or texting, the book would have been relevant. Kennedy’s marketing concepts will always be universal; however, the presentation needs to be changed to keep interest. Without refreshed or new content, Google will consider your website dead, effectively killing your ranking. 

Destination copy

Most business owners do not have the time to sit down and write content every week. They may have done so when launching their website, thinking their content was evergreen enough to garner continued interest. Another challenge is many are exceptional at their jobs but do not know how to communicate their expertise through their blogs or online presences. How can you make your website a destination? By generating content that is relevant. Google’s website crawlers are always looking for new content and rewarding those sites with higher rankings. 


Search engine optimization is complicated. Search engines are primed to provide a list of solutions for users through web crawlers that scour the internet for keywords, keyword phrases and relevancy. You need to evaluate your website to determine your most popular posts/pages, products and services, yielding top keywords. This will allow you to generate topics for high-quality content that will spark engagement and address pain points/interests to align with your audience’s goals. Set yourself up as an expert with first-person details and plenty of fresh statistics, studies, information, and research, which will provide an opportunity for other websites to link to yours.


Content communicates your expertise to the masses. Demonstrate your relevance through frequently updated content. What is the best way to get inspired/write besides knowing your keywords? Take a few moments to research your industry’s trending topics, especially now. Right before the new year, every industry does a recap of lessons learned and how to set the right goals for January’s fresh start. Keeping an eye out for what your peers and competitors are talking about will allow you to offer the same content but with a branded spin. 

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Miami Copywriter Explains Brand Traffic

Miami Copywriter Explains Brand Traffic

Brand traffic is crucial to building a platform —and names matter. When choosing the name for your company, most likely, you had to go through a few options before you hit the mark. Hopefully, you also scanned the web beforehand to make sure there was not a similarly christened company offering something unappealing or just in general. 

People will use a brand continuously if it has a positive association attached to it. Think of some of the products that have significant meaning for you. Do you use a certain shampoo because it smells like the one you used at summer camp, or do you always buy specific grocery brands because your grandmother had them in her pantry? Perhaps you haven’t thought about why you buy certain things. Maybe the brand you chose was the cheapest on the shelf. Clients always buy for a reason. The goal is to have brand advocates. 

Blogs and Instagram presences are built around people who want to share their experiences. If you watch how the big companies spend their marketing dollars as a true judge of good practices, you will find that they invest heavily in the web and unofficial spokespeople. The Rambling Redhead is a popular mommy blogger who has a strong Instagram presence. The majority of her content centers on trying on clothing from specific companies. She is advertising under the guise of helping her niche by sharing promo codes and giving reviews that address her target audience’s pain points, such as looking put together in the drop-off line. 

In addition to a strong social media presence, ranking at or near the top of a search engine results page is an excellent brand-building strategy. When it comes to the long-term use of your marketing budget, there is no better place than search engines. One compelling reason for this is the permanent footprint of all work on websites, press releases and social media, especially ones created by this Miami copywriter who has a wealth of experience from multiple industries. Not only will that digital file be there for people to find, but over time it will gain trust with the search engines. 

Websites, like storefronts, are there as long as the business resides in that space. Just having a website without any digital marketing work done can still benefit your business. In a healthy campaign, half of all web traffic is brand traffic.  

Pages created on your site are indexed and stored on the servers of search engines forever.  Web crawlers will promote your pages if they follow Google’s Hummingbird guidelines set at the beginning of 2019.

Once you have clients, make strides in earning their brand loyalty. Part of marketing is cultivating new clients while retaining old ones. A lifelong customer speaks highly of the brand. Potential clients usually have a few impressions of you before considering a purchase. If they see positive reviews online, see your high ranking in search engines and follow your feeds, they may convert to buyers.

If you are in South Florida or beyond, trust this Miami copywriter to generate high-quality content and SEO copy that gets results. Call 786-208-0451 so we can create a strategy that is perfect for your business.

A Miami Copywriter Explains Search Intent

Keywords are essential to your 2019 SEO strategy. It used to be that a marketer would do a little research and then present a business owner with a list of phrases to be included in their content. Search intent is now the focus. As a Miami copywriter, I can assure you that search intent is a powerful concept that should be considered when generating copy.

Search intent

Google now wants keywords to be as conversational as possible: phrases that people use when speaking with others – or with Siri, Alexa or another assistant. Informational intent is when someone wants the answer to a question. For example, “Where do people buy beetroot lattes?” or “When is the best time to scuba dive in Miami?”/“When are home sales lower?” or “What’s the best way to improve my curb appeal to sell my home?” Navigational intent is used to get to a specific website, such as www.sirenpublications.com. This type of search intent is only valuable if you are the destination site. Transactional intent is when someone is ready to buy and is searching for the best deal. Similar to transactional intent, commercial investigation is when searchers need a bit more time and convincing before making a purchase. 

Making search intent work for you

A website must reflect the needs of warm leads. Have articles front and center for those searching with informational intent. If a visitor is searching with transactional intent, have products and services on display as soon as they land on your page. Make sure they have direct access to your shop. You cannot do anything for navigational searchers unless you are the specific website they want. Have some fun with commercial investigators by creating graphics with price and feature comparisons.  

If you are in South Florida or beyond, trust this Miami copywriter to generate high-quality SEO copy that gets results. Call 786-208-0451 so we can create a strategy that is perfect for your business.

A Miami Copywriter Explains the Value of Knowing Where You Are with SEO

It is estimated that 75 percent of web experiences start with a question. Those answers that are presented in a list after we type a few keywords into a search engine allow us to choose which ones we like best. If a potential lead types in keywords that are directly related to your business, where will you rank in the Google search results? You want to be at the top of the page because the first five listings receive 67 percent of all clicks. This is where search engine optimization comes in with valuable exposure. 

The SEO process

Realize the promise and opportunity of SEO by understanding it is a process that goes beyond a few shortcuts and tweaks. It includes linking, coding and knowing the right keywords. SEO solutions can be divided into on-page and off-page elements. On-page aspects include code design, internal links, platform, page titles and header tags. Off-page elements include development, targeting, keyword authority and identifying related link networks. 

SEO is a must for these top five reasons: 

  1. Your reach must increase

With the right optimization, a small business in Hawkins, Indiana, can take advantage of SEO and go international.  

  1. Credibility equals money

Get into the black with a higher ranking that clients will trust. 

  1. Branding and visibility matter 

Sophisticated buyers don’t just click and buy. 

  1. Harness your ROI 

Using SEO as an in-bound strategy is dynamic and by staying updated, the rewards will exceed traditional marketing methods/tactics. 

  1. Understand customer behavior

Online behavior analytics can provide feedback to help you make business decisions. 

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Exit Rate versus Bounce Rate

bounce rateLet’s say you and a friend decide to see the latest movie. You purchase the tickets and find a good seat. No matter how compelling the story is, at some point you will leave the movie theater. Preferably, this will happen after the credit rolls, but some moviegoers might leave within the first ten minutes. This example might best describe the difference between a bounce rate and an exit rate. Leaving early means that watchers bounce out too early when the cinema would prefer that they exit after the show is done.

You can have a great webpage with warm traffic directed by SEO. However, there is no guarantee that people will see the whole thing. Your goal in creating the page for your business is to convert traffic into sales. If traffic glances at your home or landing page, this means you have a high bounce rate. There are a few things to consider when you want to improve your analytics.

  1. Make sure your website is user-friendly.

Are the colors garish and the content in an odd format? Design flow can turn off viewers. Make sure your site is as user-friendly as possible.

  1. Your content should add value.

Nothing is more annoying than being pitched to in an aggressive manner. Tone down the hard sell tactics. To make your browsers respond, make the content relevant to them. Give them an e-Book or really anything that makes it seem as if you are an expert in your field and they are in the know. It is always about them, not you.

  1. Select the best keywords

Keyword selection is the touchstone of SEO. If you chose keywords that do not represent your product or service, they you will not be trusted. People come to your website with expectations and if they are not met, they will consider you spam.

bounce rate calculator

You want viewers to go through all your pages. For example, if you have three pages, then you want the analytics to show that viewers left on the third page rather than the first page. Review your resources and study your numbers to improve your rates. Always have a CTA on your landing page to ensure smooth conversions.

Exploring Your Long Tail Options

SEO can be overwhelming especially when you do not understand the terminology. A keyword is, essentially, what you type into Google or any other search engine to find your desired result. There are two types of keywords: long tail and short tail. The best way to think of these types of keywords is that they are like a siren. The head (short tail) gets all the attention while the tail ( long tail) may only be noticed if it is split in two. Short tail keywords are generalized words to get the gist of the search. Long tail keywords are expanded or lesser used keywords crucial to your SEO. When a customer is close to the point of sale, they tend to get more specific. This means they already have done their research, know exactly what they want and are looking to buy. Long tails key words can help you get a sale instead of more traffic that short tails can bring.

The typical buying cycle for a customer is as follows:

  1. Potential client has become aware of a product or service.
  2. Potential client begins researching the product to see if it fits into their pain points.
  3. Potential client seeks alternatives within the product range such as pricing and features.
  4. Potential client begins to ready themselves to make a purchase and pulls out their debit or credit card.
  5. Potential client receives goods and decides whether to initiate a return.

Short tail keywords are priced higher due to the demand curve.  More businesses want to have the most popular search terms in their arsenal. Let’s say you have a small business offers content creation like Siren Publications does. If you were to have the short tail keywords of content, then you would be competing with content mills. You will have a harder sell if you are not more specific or use long tails.

Content writer SEO 6,910,000 results

Content writer 129,000,000 results

Miami content writer SEO 513,000 results

Miami content writer fashion 13,200,000 results

As you can see above the various keywords yield different results. The more specific your keywords are the better. You can use short tail keywords, but you would be going up to bat with the big boys. Now the great news is long tail keywords are cheaper than short tails. Long tails target your potential clients who are closer to the point of purchase alongside being easier to rank.

This all goes back to the idea of quality traffic. You may have more visitors with short tails, which does not always covert to sales. Long tails are highly targeted leading to buyers.  Another plus is that highly selective markets can turn into niches. Small sales from these communities can lead to big profits. To explore your long tail options go to http://www.wordstream.com/keywords and explore your options with long tails.

long tail